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Posted on the 17 October 2012 by Haramizuki @TekiGirl


Big Bang. The prevailing cosmological model that describes the early development of the Universe. According to the theory, the Universe was once in an extremely hot and dense state which expanded rapidly. This rapid expansion caused the Universe to cool and resulted in its present continuously expanding state.

Very well describes how the Korean super boyband Big Bang is. They are one of the hottest K-idol in South Korea right now and getting ready to take over the world!

One group. Five different people. Just like the new Samsung S3. With their variety of colors to chose from, it’ll fit whoever’s personality just like how we perceived our boys.



Amber Brown

SAMSUNG Makes BIGBANG ALIVE!Singer. Songwriter. Producer. G-Dragon holds the world at the palm of his hands. Somewhere in Kazakhstan a teenage girl goes giddy in front of her computer over the release of his new MV. A posted reaction video of two married men in New York City deconstructs his fashion and artistic sense all the while paying respect. Elsewhere in Manila, two fans of different social class sit across each other, discuss his achievements and grow proud with each mentioned moment. But it hasn’t always been like this for G-Dragon. Kwon Jiyong, in real life, has gone through the bad, the hardships and the impossible to become who he is now. His popularity and influence goes beyond the confines of his mother country and industry niche. Widely recognized for his skill and preternatural organic talent, his range and reach is unprecedented with the same boys of his age in Korea. Despite all these, he remains humble and down-to-earth, never once forgetting where he came from. Jiyong maybe passionate and energetic that can be easily compared to a red but there is a much better comparison. The core of his persona is his humanity: he is the color brown. He is the stuff pots are made of, mud and clay. As potters mold and sweat over their works before being made into art, Jiyong has never failed to recognize the importance of laboring over your craft and training to get better every time. His success is the result of years of practice, blood, sweat and tears. He is what brown signifies to be – stable and resilient, genuine and honest, sincere and hardworking. The 12 year old kid who dreamt of making music is the same versatile leader of Big Bang, never forgetting what he endured to come so far, he constantly celebrates his past by always keeping his roots – his feet – firmly planted on the ground.



Pebble Blue


Being vast and deep, our ocean is the most distinctive factor which makes our Earth, Earth. From across the galaxy, we are SAMSUNG Makes BIGBANG ALIVE!
distinguishable from our neighbors as the little blue planet. While others appear dreary and dull, ours is a world teeming with life and Blue represents this. Choi Seung-hyun who goes by the name of T.O.P., one-fifth of the multinational success that is Big Bang, has the media eating at his feet. He is at the top of his game (no pun intended) either with music, acting or simply with the public alone. Having successful projects one after the other, T.O.P. is one of – if not the – most sought after endorser and actor of companies to headline their campaign and ventures. Having a face of a movie star and an undeniable charisma of a drama actor, everyone surmises that it won’t be soon before long he’d be the first to break off from the idol world and take his career to the next level and yet with all his accomplishments in other fields, he remains deeply engaged and gravely fastened to the group. He is anything but the leader but being the eldest, he has proven to be the most reliable and responsible among the members. Our ocean and heavens have always been pictured blue because it signifies the collective color of the spirit and invokes rest and serenity. T.O.P. possesses the same qualities; he is cool, calm and collected all the time. He has never been fazed and continues to be the sole source of order and direction in Big Bang. He exhibits inner security and an aura of high confidence in his living and work environment. This man has all the potential to become whatever he wants to be and the best part is that he has the innate virtue to choose his own path: freedom. Look up. There’s a blue sky ahead.



Sapphire Black

SAMSUNG Makes BIGBANG ALIVE!Dong Young-bae was born into a middle class family. He was raised to be simple, respectful of his elders and kind to others. As a kid, he loved to sing and dance. When he was 12 years old, he got the chance to keep doing exactly what he loved most in the world. He dedicated his time and effort to become the best of his generation. He practiced late in the night to get the movements down and dived deep into training to hit the right notes. He was motivated. It was then at that young age that he decided to become a singer and hasn’t looked back ever since. Past a decade and now into his adulthood, the kid has attained just what he predicted himself to be: a star. He grew up to become Taeyang as part of the phenomenon Big Bang created. He is well known throughout Asia and beyond but an air of mystery still clings around him. He has been pursuing his dreams as long as he can remember; from his childhood to his formative years that all we know of him is that he is a performer. He is as intimidating as black can be with his good looks, powerful vocals and killer dancing talent. His Korean name literally means ‘sun’ and his smiling eyes would corroborate that label but under that mask is man that is brimming with raw emotions waiting to be harnessed. He may have reached what he would like to believe as his pinnacle of fame but fans would agree that there is untapped potential that is yet to be discovered of him. Black is his closest association because he is the complete essence of the unknown. In a sense he is a black hole in which he draws people towards his center: he leaves so much to the imagination, the promise of greater things to come and unfathomable artistry. Black holes, like Taeyang, don’t give you endings rather they provide new beginnings.


Garnet Red

SAMSUNG Makes BIGBANG ALIVE!Red is the color of love. And hate. Red is the color of warmth. And anger. Red is of extremes and absolutes. This is who Lee Seung-hyun, better known as Seungri of Big Bang is – in life. While others tend to lead two separate lives between their reality and fame, Seungri has always been transparent with his personality whether he is accepted or not. He has never compromised himself in order to attain his goals in life. And he had the same boldness when he was first introduced to the public for their scrutiny. He proclaimed himself to be authentic and sensible. True to his youthful nature, Seungri would occasionally overstep his boundaries with his older brothers in Big Bang and being the youngest, he learned to be understanding and accepting of their advices to him. He took everything in stride, knowing challenges are posed only to people that can overcome them. This certain quality is what made people receive him very well because his sincerity shines through. Seungri can be compared to any other vibrant color to represent him but none would suit him better than red. His similarity to it is more apparent with his Japanese stage name, Victory shortened by fans to V.I. Throughout history wars have been painted red due to the amount of blood shed. Seungri is among the warriors in his own version of war, the cutthroat world of entertainment industry. He has witnessed his own plight and he has been wounded. He is red in that he bleeds strength, power and vitality. But more significant than the physical need to fight, Seungri has the burning will to survive: it’s what makes him Victorious. He is characterized by his passion, energy and enthusiasm. Just like red is a color you’re compelled to notice, Seungri is someone one cannot simply ignore.


Titanium Grey

The only Big Bang member to retain his real name, Kang Daesung has been reputed to be cheerful, dynamic and blissful. Amongst the SAMSUNG Makes BIGBANG ALIVE!group he was the only one to nab a regular spot in variety shows and did more frequent stints in hosting. But do not let the lively appearance fool you for underneath all that perkiness is a serious and refined man. Daesung straddles that divide very well without forcing to pretend someone else he’s not. He’s like the color gray, being neither black nor white – there is a transition between two non-colors. The closer gray gets to black the more dramatic it is and conversely the closer it gets to silver or white the more enlightening it becomes. No truer comparison can be made to Daesung: he can be dignified and casual, conservative and liberal, detached and compassionate all at the same time. The other Big Bang members have gone on record to say that he is impartial without being indecisive, has great financial knowledge, carries tremendous insight, encourages practical thoughts, loves elegance but shies away from the glamorous and persistently upholds a steady composure. D-lite, as known to his Japanese fans seems to be the glue that keeps the unit of five together. He may not be the center of attention, the dynamic leader or director since he plays it safe and in general, subdued however, let it be known that there is an important role that is in play – he is the stable base from which the new and positive can come. As gray is a controlled color, so is Daesung, who has a harmonizing effect on others with which it comes into contact: toning down the stronger colors as is with Seungri and Jiyong and illuminating the darker colors of T.O.P. and Taeyang. The next time you see a gray hair, remember Kang Daesung who is wise beyond his years.

With their recent hiatus, Big Bang is now back with a bigger bang!! G-Dragon, T.O.P, Daesung, Taeyang and Seungri is going to rock  Manila on the 24th of October thanks to Ovation Production together with Samsung Mobile who will make us experience  the awesomeness of these amazing guys! Get ready to boom your shakalaka!




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