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Sassarella's Favorite Things

Posted on the 03 December 2011 by Sassarella Says @cnigara
I'm sure you've noticed the recent trend of droopy, sometimes bitter,and always a bit heavy blog posts but I'm trying to take a cue from Cher aka Loretta in Moonstruck.

Here is a list of Sassarella's favorite things in an attempt to pick it up a little:
*A sugar free skim chai latte in the middle of January. I never have them because of the calories but every now and then I have a bad enough day or a large enough craving and I give in. I think my favorite ones are still from the Georgetown University coffee shops (note to self for the upcoming winter).
*Solid banter. A clever exchange in words or via some sort of technology are sure to make a boring moment quite entertaining. I'm always a little bit proud of myself when I'm quick-witted enough to say something funny or zing someone with a great comeback.
*A freezing room and a warm, cozy bed. I keep my room freezing since I love using all of the covers to fall asleep at night. It's also a great excuse to get me some body heat (wink wink).
*New Taylor Swift songs. She always knows how I'm feeling and just what I want to say. Her songs also make for incredible sing-a-longs with Brittany and Browning on a Sunday Funday!
"Ours" by Taylor Swift
*When a friend says something that cracks me up. "My room is the drunkest place alive right now!" She preceded to tell me how her clothes from the night before were thrown on the floor, about the drunk food boxes and plates on her nightstand, empty water bottles beside her pillow, and about her shoes and jewelry flung all over the place.
*Getting lost in a city. Usually I do this voluntarily and find the most interesting and exciting new places to eat, to hang out, or to shop. It's also great quality time with my iPod.
*Hugs. The best hugs are the ones that you really need. You're in a big sweatshirt, feeling blue, and someone comes from behind and wraps big, loving arms around ya. Good hugs, really good and happy hugs aren't awful either.
Sassarella's Favorite Things
*Hip bones. I love when I can feel my hip bones because it means I'm eating right, working out, and that my stomach is flat.
*Waking up to a text message. Whether it be a drunk text from an old flame, thus giving you "hand" in the relationship or a surprising message from a new flame. I woke up to one the other day from the sweetest boy in the world, just to tell me he's thinking about me :-)
Sassarella's Favorite Things
*Making someone laugh. Better yet, I love when I can make someone laugh who is normally making me laugh. I know the difference in say, Brittany's laugh, when she's really and truly finding me funny. That's the best. I'm pretty sure I still remember the few times I could actually make Heather and Mooch (two of the funniest people I know) laugh out loud. Same goes for Scrubby and Mags, it's quite an accomplishment.
*Getting a big, fat tip. To pick up a signed store copy on a table at work and seeing $20 filled in on the tip line makes my day. Providing service to customers is fabulous but providing service to customers who appreciate it and show their gratitude by handing me an extra $20 bill...well, that's one of my favorite things in the world.
*Johnnie Walker Black on the rocks at a nice restaurant. If I'm drinking JW I'm either with my parents, on a hot date, or in the mood to feel more fabulous than you are and there ain't nothing wrong with any of those scenarios.
Sassarella's Favorite Things
*Flying solo. I love airports, I love planes, and I love flying. Flying solo is freeing and often soothing. You don't have to deal with everyone needing to go to the bathroom a hundred times, someone sleeping on your shoulder, sharing your snacks, or having to wait for a gazillion bags at baggage claim. Although flying solo is always better when you're on your way to see someone significant.
*Bottle(s) of wine and Italian food. Nothing beats this culinary combination other than possibly the company in which I am sharing it with. Whether I'm chatting with Tanya, at home with a house full of family members on Christmas Eve, or at The Godfather I'm a happy gal.
*Hot yoga. I feel amazing throughout the entire class and even better once it's finished. I'm a thousand pounds lighter, a little shaky, but fully rejuvenated.
*New York City. My favorite part of New York City is the very moment I walk out of the automatic doors from Penn Station. I can't help but be inspired.
Sassarella's Favorite Things
*Driving top down at night. Summertime, good music, and my best friend. Life is good.
*Everyone knowing my name. So cliche, I know, but walking into a bar and someone knowing my name (and my drink) is the best. We refer to this part of town as "the comfort zone" aka the bucket of bars we can go to where we know that we will be taken care of in every sense of the expression.
*Hangover food, G2 Gatorade, gummy bears, coming home after a long day, a saucy pair of high heels, the iPhone, skinny jeans and flat sandals, live music, re-uniting with friends, big and bold jewelry, sweet #gymswag, big arms and a strong back, having plans, a moving episode of Grey's Anatomy, a day curled up at Starbucks writing and listening to music, and a vacation to anywhere.
Sassarella Says...oh, and throwback pictures!Sassarella's Favorite Things

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