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Savour of September Challenge – Sept 1

Posted on the 01 September 2022 by Kaushikgov @kaushikgov

It’s a new month, a new coach added to the rollercoaster of 2022! With my A to Z April Challenge still struggling to go ahead, I thought of undertaking a simpler challenge for September, and decided to carry out the Savour of September Challenge!

Well, I’m going to just post some colourful pics, some memoirs, some info, some thoughts on Food, throughout the 30 September days, and that’s going to be my Savour of September Challenge!

Savour of September Challenge – Sept 1Potato curry, jointly cooked and aligned with friend!..few years back..

Food, has always been quite an intriguing topic of conversation, throughout the history of mankind. Being a basic necessity for survival, food is quite an important part in every living being’s life on earth (and beyond too, probably!)

Food, being a necessity to everyone, is a luxury to many, a commodity, fun, topic of debate, thrill, and lot more..

Quoting my own quote, I wish people be conscious of what one self eats, and not be conscious (well, not bothered) of what others eat! (that’s a huge topic of debate, for another day!)

Thus saying, let me start the SS Challenge and conclude the post for the day!

Savour of September Challenge – Sept 1Freshly cooked Idlies

God Bless

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