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Scarlett Rambles - Life Goes on

Posted on the 21 June 2012 by Katyscarlett @_katyscarlett

Scarlett Rambles - life goes on my sisters kitten Bill
Its been exactly four weeks since I posted on my little corner of the internet. To say I've neglected my blog would be an understatement. Sometimes I put myself under so much pressure to blog, to always have a post to hand or several prepared "just in case" but usually when I do this to myself, content doesn't flow like it currently is right now. In between the lines of the posts I force, you can read the desperation, the half heartedness and the lack of genuin interest. Put bluntly, its shit. I know its an age old cliche, but sometimes there really isn't enough hours in a day to acheieve everything I feel I should achieve. I need to go to the gym. I need to go to work. I need to cook dinner. I need to prepare my clothes and gym bag for the next day. I need to blog. In all honesty, I could say I don't need to do any of the above, though I want to. I want to do all of those things and more. I cut a ladies hair the other day, and she was a life coach, and she kept asking me all these questions and again to her I said there wasn't enough hours in a day and she replied quiet bluntly "time is an allusion. When you feel you don't have enough time to fulfill everything you want to do, you set yourself up for a fall. You need to make realistic goals." Basically she was saying if I set aside 30 minutes each night to blog, rather than saying I need to write a post each night, I will achieve things more productively. So I've been more productive. I recently joined the gym and have been getting up an hour early and going to the gym before work, rather than spending the whole day dreading going and then 8 times out of 10 not actually going. I also have got myself a new hobby, it doesn't start until October, but come then, every Thursday I will be learning Spanish. I'm also looking in to studying for my Level 3 in Hairdressing as long as it falls on my day off. I want to see and do so much in life. I could sit on the sofa drinking wine every night and life will still go on, but I want to soak up everything that life has got to offer and show me. I want to experience stuff that in years to come my grandchildren will be begging me to tell them that story again about the time I traveled Europe. So I won't be sitting on the sofa drinking wine every night. I'll be living a champagne lifestyle, on lemonade money! Hope you are all well!

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