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Selling Sandy

Posted on the 17 March 2014 by Mikidemann @mikidemann
The Sandy House is the first house Jared bought. He and his twin have owned it for 10 years. Jared moved out of the house 6 years ago, but Josh has lived there since day 1. The Sandy House is the place to be, it’s centralized and on any given day there are always visitors on any given night, there is always a party.
Well time is changing and people are growing up. The 3 guys that live at the 5 bedroom house are ready to move out. Which means the sad day has come where we are selling the Sandy House. In the past 10 years, there have been countless roommates. Seriously, probably 50 different people have lived there. The cops know this place by heart and chances are you know someone who has crashed on a couch at the Sandy House. That being said, getting this house ready to be sold is going to be quite the project.
Yesterday we spent the day raking leaves,laying seeds, pulling weeds, clearing out the shed, and a bunch of other outdoor chores. Spending the day getting the house ready to sell was weird! It made me a bit misty eyed to think the Sandy House won’t be the host of any more beer olympics or neon pajama parties. It’s crazy to me that this chapter of our lives is quickly closing. The Sandy House has been a 5 year chapter in my book, but a TEN year chapter for Jared.
There are so many memories within those walls. I met most of Jared’s friends and family at that house. There have been a lot of motorcycle rides around that neighborhood, many nights hanging out by the fire and the traditional fantasy football draft.
I can’t believe the time has come that we’re listing the Sandy House for sell. As you can tell, I’m sentimental over selling the house. Jared still has his game face on and hasn’t even taken a stroll down memory lane. Maybe that will change when all is said and done, the papers are signed and we all the sudden won’t ever make the drive to the Sandy House every again.
Who knows.
Would selling a house with lots of memories make you emotional? 

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