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Separations and Rediscoveries

Posted on the 26 May 2014 by Ladymoxie @ladymoxie2012

It’s been over six months since my husband left the family to work overseas. I continue to suffer from frequent depression from his absence. Moreover, I found it very difficult to adjust from having a partner in raising the children to being left to raise them on my own. I feel very sorry to my husband because I have a tendency to lash out when I’m reminded of my sadness, exhausted or feel pressured.

But, as they say, there are two sides to every coin. While the prolonged separation has given me months of sadness and pain at not having my husband by my side, it is also an opportunity for me to realize things about myself and discover things that I can do as I re-learn the art of independence. Here are three of those things:

  1. I finally, FINALLY! learned how to drive. Driving was my worst fear when I turned 18. I easily get panicked so the thought of me in control of the steering wheel is just sooooo terrifying! I didn’t realize the intensity of my fear until my dad bought me a motorcycle as graduation gift. Well, not even until then because I was still able to muster enough courage to take lessons from my younger brother. Only to give up on my first try hahahaha! Now that I’ve been reminded of that, I think I’ll dedicate a post to recounting the whole experience and how long it took for me to try driving again. So stay tuned!
  2. I discovered online shopping! OMG, I’m so in love with it! Although it does make me nervous at times because I’m an impulsive shopper so the more accessible stores are now online, the more worried I become about not being able to stick to the monthly budget. But my fears have been unfounded because not only am I able to restrain my purchases, I also discovered that shopping online also allows me to save. This is because some stores, like zealvouchers! offer exclusive voucher/promo codes to their loyal customers. So not only do I get what I want from them, they also reward me for my patronage. Also, shopping online makes it very convenient to buy what we need especially during the summer when the weather is so hot outside. Whoever invented online shopping, I’m a fan!
  3. Among my purchases online had been to replace my prescription eyeglasses. It wasn’t a surprise that my prescription rose considering how I have been abusing my eyes – reading books and ebooks, monitoring online newspapers, marathoning my favorite Korean shows and films. I initially didn’t  plan to buy new eyeglasses right away, but then I realized that I can NOT drive with poor vision! Oh the terror!

The entire family is looking forward to my husband’s scheduled vacation in July, but until then I know there would be lots more that I’m going to discover. And I’d say, BRING IT ON!

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