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Shackles of Culture

Posted on the 20 January 2013 by Blogbee @blogbee_

The world is manifestation of several cultures, contradictions and so many contrasts.  Centuries passed.  Generations went into oblivion.  Many religions and cultures took birth.  There has been a compounding breakage of human fabric into sects, castes, creed and regional identities.  People speak about their rights sans responsibility.  Spirituality is driven by fear.  Money replacing blood.  Relationship has evolved to be a commodity.  Human beings have emerged to be consumers than the individual entities who follow scripture driven or conscious driven conduct.  Mind is over powering the soul.  Soul or self is almost a non-existent to many.  Exploitation is branching into new trees and deep roots.

The individuals who think in true spirit and who would like to walk in their own space are bound by the above contradictions prejudiced and inhibitive culture.  The following is a brief touch of words in the above context.

Shackles of culture

Shackles of Culture

The shackles of culture and social fear
Douse many a positive currents in the society
Let the world learn the non-discriminatory and
all encompassing nature of nature
Let there be a freedom for legitimate and
Conscious driven conduct of individuals
May the views and perspectives of people in general
see more matured line of thought
Let men and women enjoy the freedom of will
the way the nature bestowed to birds and animals
Let relationships see the state of nothing beyond relationship
May system of intellect equality emerge defying many perceptional trends that destroy legitimate feelings and freedom
Let there come more value to conscientious living of people
Let us not get governed by the age driven, primordial and restrictive strictures on any individual souls
Let intellect dawn on everyone

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