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Shake, Rattle and Roll

Posted on the 23 June 2011 by Alysonisneat
Shake, Rattle and Roll
Shake, Rattle and Roll
Shake, Rattle and Roll
This might be my new favorite dress.  I love a good "wiggle" silouette.  For bizarre reasons, I have always struggled with being less that satisfied with certain parts of my body.  This is ridiculous because it is dresses like this that make me realize what a fantastic figure I have.  This dress just skims my body in all the right places, providing structure where it is needed. 
This week has seemed unrelenting!  I am ready for the weekend to get here.  I'm ready to sip my coffee without haste.  Although, I will say I got a pleasant surprise at the gym yesterday.  I was changing into my yoga clothes and I turned around my yoga instructor was back from her hiatus.  I was so thrilled, I hugged her twice.  Hi, yeah, I'm awkward!  Thankfully, I was just picking up my work pants from off the ground... so its not like I was half dressed or anything.
It is hug the people you love day... so just do it.  Hugs are good, and people probably need them.
Dress: vintage, purchased from Tiny Boot
Belt: purchased from Muse boutique
Shoes: Nine West, DSW

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