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She's Gonna Be a Soccer Playa!

Posted on the 30 October 2012 by Mikidemann @mikidemann
Do you guys need to hear a quick story for a pick me up today? I know that most of the time people need pick-me-ups on Monday, but hey it's Tuesday. I have an hour left at work and I felt like telling you guys a funny story. It's one of those stories that I start to think about, and immediately start to laugh. I am always trying to life your spirits, so here's the greatest story of all time. (Am I building it up too much??)
Once upon a time (this story is true) Jared and I were going to a soccer game. It was a local soccer game, well a high school soccer game. His dad coaches soccer, hence us hanging out at a high school soccer game. It may be creepy if you didn't know that his dad was a coach. The game was in a park, a big beautiful park with lots of soccer mom and dads, grandparents, children, and even ducks. I thought it would be silly to sit at a park for hours and leave the dog at home, so my whole day was based around bringing Shia to the Park to hang out with me during this soccer game. I left work early, went home picked Shia up, packed a little bag for her with toys and the necessary poop bags. Then we back tracked at least 20 minutes to meet Jared at the soccer field. 
We didn't want Shia to be able to run far with the game going on so we didn't bring her retractable leash. We thought it would be easier to handle her with only her 6 foot leash. Then we could keep her close by and still watch the game. We had her leash tied to Jared's chair, she was grazing on some grass, I was playing with my niece and nephew building a little grass fort for ants. Jared's dad's team scored a goal, and the crowd all stood up to cheer! Jared stood up, and within seconds a giant white blob took off.  Of course, Shia is the blob I am talking about and she wasn't going to run in the opposite direction of all the action - she ran straight onto the field mid-soccer game. 
I was far too embarrassed to run out after her, so I slumped down into the grass fort. Jared ran to the field and grabbed our puppy. His dad shot him a glance, that you know mean disappointment even when you're 28. Jared was incredibly red in the cheeks. He was so ashamed of our misbehavin' puppy. The ref even made a nice comment about needing to keep her on a leash... she was on a leash. The leash just wasn't attached to anything...
Ohhh the life of Shia, she's always keeping us entertained. Well keeping me entertained. Keeping Jared embarrassed. I'm pretty sure she is the only one who can embarrass Jared. 
This cute little dog did that...{Yes, yes she did}She's gonna be a soccer playa!
So what's your best pet story??

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