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Shillingstone House Wedding, Dorset: The Celebrations

Posted on the 02 December 2016 by Belinda Mccarthy @b_mccarthyphoto

It's a question everyone getting married has on their mind, no matter what time of year you're planning to wed. 'What happens if it rains - a LOT?' Well, at this Shillingstone House wedding in Dorset, that's exactly what happened. It rained from the start of the wedding reception to about nine at night, and it was pretty fierce, too. So what did the bride and groom do? They just enjoyed their day and didn't let it bother them one bit!

The weather is the ONE thing you have no control over, so I always advise my clients to try and avoid putting too much emphasis on it. I hear a lot of talk over things like 'oh, I really don't want it to rain, it will spoil my day'. No, no it won't, not if you don't allow it to. A wedding day isn't about rain, or sun, or wind, or anything the weather throws at you. A wedding day is about love and joy and being with people you adore. Always come back to this, and no matter what the weather has in store for your wedding day, it simply cannot spoil your wedding. (I got married outside in sub zero conditions and deep snow, so I can absolutely attest to this!)

Of course, like this lovely couple who married at Shillingstone House, it's very wise to make sure that your guests are entertained, whether they are inside or out. Shillingstone House is blessed with incredible views over the Stour Valley, and truly beautiful grounds, and that's why many people choose to marry there in a marquee reception. But this wedding reception had so many wonderful things going on INSIDE the marquee, that no-one worried about what they might be missing outside! There was a swing singer AND an acoustic duo during the afternoon; gifts and toys for the children; and a comfy seating area in the marquee away from the dining tables. A magician was also circulating throughout most of the day, ensuring that the guests were well entertained, no matter what their age! In the evening, there was also a live band, a vibraint casino and incredible fireworks. If you keep your guests well entertained, well watered and fed and make sure their comfort is attended to - then everyone is absolutely guaranteed to have an amazing time!

So let's get onto some of my favourite images from this beautiful Shillingstone House wedding reception. Enjoy, and remember - don't stress about the weather!

Shillingstone House Wedding : Preview Images

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