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Shopaholic Show-offs

Posted on the 27 March 2014 by Meghana Varala
[Puma, Levi's, Catwalk, Guess, Pepe, Miss Bennett and Fastrack are shopaholic friends who call themselves special seven shopaholics. They always stay in touch for the common interests they share. They gathered for a weekend tea party and their pep talk starts...]
Mrs Levi's   : Guys! I was longing for this relief party, literally. I'm so exhausted (sighs).
Miss Catwalk   : Why? Have you been fighting with your husband lately?
Mr Puma   : If it's the case, don't hesitate to tell me. You know he is my good friend. I'll talk to him.
Mrs Levi's   : Oh come on! He is such a sweet heart (blush). Why would anyone fight with him?
Mrs Pepe   : Umm! so much of love happening. Seems like you have captured his credit card.
Mrs Levi's   : Hello..I needn't capture my hubby's card like you. He gave himself as he.....
Mr Fastrack   : (interrupts) as it was Holi. I thought he would give. After all who would miss such lucrative  offers. And he needn't restrict you at some mark of money. Isn't it a golden chance for any husband to impress his wife? (he goes on ranting and Mrs Levi's frowns )
Mrs Pepe   : Anyway I shopped so much for this festival. There were so many tempting offers. I just loved it. By the way Levi's, why were you tired? I think you went searching things in those dirty bustling markets bargaining for everything. How cheap!
Mrs Levi's   : Mind your business Peps. I'm not a stupid to miss online cashbacks and discounts. I'm the one who introduced you to the world of flipkart, myntra and jabong. You lost your memory, didn't you?
(seems like pepe and levi's hate each other)
Miss Bennett   : Man! jabong is totally cool. See this dress I'm wearing. I bought it for 2000 bucks. Isn't it lovely.
Mr Puma   : Haha! my wife bought the same for 1500 bucks benne. There's a lot to see out of jabong. Why are you stuck to it. You turn out to be a loser everytime.
Miss Guess   : I think it's....
Mr Fastrack   : Stop it now, Guess. Do you even know what are available out there? You always go for those hefty price tags. No one actually wants that expensive stuff. We are smart.
Mrs Levi's   : And there were these flash coupons that lasted for just a couple of hours. I was unable to decide what to buy, so confusing. It is insane.
Mrs Pepe   : Haha! did you end up buying non-sense?
Mrs Levi's   : (gives an angry look to Mrs Pepe)
Miss Guess   : All I'd like to say is......
Mr Puma   :See I shopped for my whole family while at office. My boss had no clue on it. (winks and hi-fis Mr Fastrack)
Miss Catwalk  : Even I did the same. Got some really traditional stuff.
Mrs Levi's   : That's expected. You never leave those auntyji antics of you.
Mr Fastrack   : I surprised my wife with a beautiful watch. Now she never complains that I buy for myself.
Mr Puma   : That's good. But watch again? you are fetish.
Mrs Pepe   : Hey Guess! why are you silent?
Miss Guess  : (gives a disgusted look as nobody lets her speak) I just got a text. There's a surprise sale at Limeroad. But no one's listening to me.
All others   : Oh gosh! Holy shit!........Rush! (they might pay for ignoring Guess)
(find them at any shopping site)
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