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Sightseeing in Stockholm

Posted on the 04 October 2012 by Thenigottothinking @tracyzlesh
Stockholm is absolutely beautiful.  Upon arrival at the airport, we took the Arlanda Express into the city center and walked to our hotel.  We were so amazed by how beautiful the city was.  The architecture is very unique and it has something special about it.  We had a lot of daylight to sightsee, and the first thing we did was jump on a boat to see it from the water.
One of my girlfriends and sorority sisters now lives in Sweden, just a short train ride away from Stockholm.  She and her fiance came to visit us and we went out to dinner and drinks in Gamla Stan.  Gamla Stan is "The Old Town".  It's tiny, narrow streets are lined with old, beautiful buildings.  It is definitely worth a visit if you go.  Luckily, it was just across the bridge from our hotel.  
Stockholm has many small islands surrounding it.  Some of them can be reached by a bridge, and others by boat.  The people, blue eyed, blonde, tall and very friendly - came off a little cold, but if you ask them a question, they are very nice and warm up immediately.
We really enjoyed our 4 days in Stockholm... especially during "Fika".  We learned quickly how important Fika is to the people in Sweden.  What is it?  Well, basically it's a coffee and pastry break.  They take them about every hour it seemed - so we learned to do the same.  Out sightseeing for an hour?  Time for Fika.  Just woke up?  Time for Fika.  :)
Sightseeing in Stockholm Sightseeing in Stockholm  The Royal Palace is in Gamla Stan Sightseeing in Stockholm  The beautiful cobble stone streets in Gamla Stan Sightseeing in Stockholm
My college girlfriend, Rikki, and I Sightseeing in Stockholm Sightseeing in Stockholm Sightseeing in Stockholm  Time for Fika... with a view of Gamla Stan out the window. Sightseeing in Stockholm  Cheers... drinks in lounge chairs on a boat in the sunshine. Sightseeing in Stockholm Sightseeing in Stockholm Sightseeing in Stockholm One of the tiny, narrow, and short streets in Gamla Stan.
The other thing we loved about this city... the BIKES!  Holy cow - everyone rides a bike.  We heard that even in blizzards you still see thousands of people commuting on their bike.
Stockholm is up there as a must see European City in my opinion.  Maybe skip the winter months if you don't like the cold, but we had a fabulous time in the summer!

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