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Posted on the 22 April 2013 by Missliabilities
Let me get this off my chest first: STEP ONE SUCKS!!!!! I'm not even taking the exam and I can feel the stress and worry radiating off of M a mile away. I thought the week of med school finals was horrible, but Step One studying is a thousand times worse. M chains himself to the desk from 8am till 10pm and rarely takes breaks. The weekends, a usually more relaxed time because M can escape the desk at 2pm or 3pm, are now even worse. I practically had to beg for him to take three hours off on Sunday afternoon. He will not close those books!
I'm trying hard to be a good girlfriend and keep away from the dreaded desk. Unfortunately the damn thing is in the bedroom, so I'll curl up on the bed for a nap, then the kitten will curl up with me for attention, and poor M is cranking out review questions for another 8 hours while us girls lounge around. M disapproves of my study methods which involve reading 15 pages, sleeping for 20 minutes, read 10 more pages, sleep for an hour, then take the rest of the night off. In my defense: taxes are so boring. I'd much rather read about blood and guts and study the diseases that you get from cat poop. Instead I get the history of income taxation. Shit, I think I just nodded off for five minutes as I typed that sentence!
14 more days of this nonsense and then I am booking us our Valentine's Day massages and we will spend a week at the beach visiting my stepmom. May both of our exam periods go by fast!
Back to this weekend. On Sunday we went on a double date to a museum exhibit that has been advertised heavily on all of our town's buses. It was actually really fun and interactive. I think the best part was that because it was meant more for adults I felt safe touching all the interactive screens and objects without getting the flu. In fact, there was only one child in the whole exhibit and he was behaving. The simple joys :).
This is the second museum I've been to this month, I can't help but wonder if people are going to start looking at me and think "Wow, Elle is so cultured!" Or maybe they'll just comment on how cheap I am because I found the cheapest (or free!) times to go to most of the "cultural spots" in my area and I take advantage of them.
We went to the bar afterwards where I got into a heated game of Checkers with my girlfriend while our boyfriends belittled my Checkers strategy. I won in the end, so they bit their tongues.
I've been thinking of everything to keep myself busy while M is in desk-mode. So, I went for a ten mile walk on Saturday and a seven mile run on Sunday. If I keep it up, there won't be anything for me to blog about for this month's Healthy and Fit blog link-up!
Any other fun suggestions to keep me busy besides reading and watching Netflix?

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