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So Long, Farewell. La La La La La La

Posted on the 12 March 2015 by Mummyflyingsolo @mummyflyingsolo

past future

And suddenly I am singing in the hills of Austria.


In all seriousness I am now here to say my goodbyes (if anyone is even still following this blog). I think it is pretty clear that I don’t intend on posting here anymore and WordPress just sent me an invoice to renew my domain and I was all like “why the hell would I be paying that” and turned off the auto renew function.

So in around a month they will steal back my domain name and I’m assuming this blog will be no more.

It’s been fun kids. I’ve loved meeting you all and sharing your stories. Thank you SO much for reading mine. But now it’s time to take mine away and settle for boring my neighbor with them.

I will probably start blogging again in the future but at a different place where the blog reflects where I am at with my life now. It just doesn’t seem to fit in this house anymore. I need a new house but the market isn’t working for me right now. It is a task for future me, I think.

Thanks for always keeping it real with me peeps.  Wishing you all the reward of a new hello, right when you need it.


Rachael + Monkey xxx

aka mummyflyingsolo


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