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Some Folk Say the Funniest Things....

Posted on the 21 August 2011 by Littlemissliza @littlemissliza
Some days can be tough when you work in the job that I have. But sometimes you are reminded that there is plenty of humor to be shared. Boom...someone says something funny and I think I have got to write that down... everyone will find that funny! Sometimes you might not share the same reaction as me (ventilating from too much 'breathing in' due to laughter) but I am sure you will find some worth reading to achieve that lovely feeling of inner laughter
1. A kid once said "how do you spell role?" I told him to get a dictionary because he will never learn if I just tell him. 5 minutes later (yes, 5) he said " I can't find it in the dictionary". I said "What letter does it start with?" "r" he replies". "And the next letter?" "o" he replies "and the next one?" he replies "l and then e but it's still not in here". I reply, "you have just spelt it!".
2. One kid says to her friend "how do you spell Camel?" her friend replies "Just spell caramel, it's spelt the same!"

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