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Some of My Favorite Bloggers

Posted on the 09 October 2013 by Thenigottothinking @tracyzlesh
This blogging world is truly fabulous... I have met some great ladies from all over the country (& world)!  They are supportive, encouraging, and a great source of advice, ideas, and creativity.  I am so appreciative of all the connections I have made, and love keeping in touch through our blogs, instagram, and Facebook.
I have updated my sidebar - lower left hand side - with some of the great blogs I love to read.  There are still several that I need to add, I just have to sit down and organize my thoughts :)  Here are some of the ladies I know that you may enjoy as well:
1.  Natasha from Hello Happiness - You probably already know her, because lets face it, she's fabulous!  She is one of my favorite people to follow along with.  I will make it to Nashville one of these days and her and I are going to have a play date with our girls :) Some of my favorite bloggers 2.  Nicole from La Mia Vita.  She is one of my IRL friends, but that's not why I love to follow along with her.  She is adventurous, a travel maniac, has lived abroad, and always gives me a unique perspective on life through her beautiful photographs and writing.  Some of my favorite bloggers 3. Caroline from Simply Smithwick - she has a weenie dog named Knox, so of course I love her :)  She has a huge heart that you can see in her photos on instagram and written out on her blog.  She has a beautiful baby boy and is now pregnant with her second baby.  She's had a very unique journey to motherhood, and I have loved reading along for the last couple years! Some of my favorite bloggers 4.  Colleen from Meet the Sullivans - this mama is so creative and is a maniac in the kitchen.  She has a ton of good recipes for food and drinks and her pictures are always beautiful.  If you're ever looking for dinner ideas for a casual night at home, or the perfect drink recipe for a party you're hosting - she's got it all! Some of my favorite bloggers 5.  Caley from Ellie Love.  Who doesn't love Caley.  She is truly the sweetest girl.  I have loved getting to know her and learn more about life in South Africa.  She recently sent me a package from SA and TL and I were so blown away.  She always has thoughtful and sweet posts on her blog. Some of my favorite bloggers
What are some of your must-read blogs?

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