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Sometimes You Just Need to Go Outside…

Posted on the 30 October 2014 by Redneckprincess @RdNeckPrincess

Even if it’s just to take a picture of your stupid homework with a pretty fall leaf. Because ya, tonight I sort of won the homework battle…halfwayish.

I am blogging to avoid doing anymore. I have spent three days trying to figure out something that seemed easy at the beginning. I am halfway through the assignment. I still have the part to go in which I was absent from the class because I was goofing off and kissing babies in Whitehorse. I hope my friend Colleen has some insight into that, because otherwise I am screwed.

I have the cold from hell. Coughing up a lung while doing homework is NOT helping me concentrate. So far today to get out of doing more, I have vacuumed, lit the fire, changed and washed the dog bed in it’s entirety…and watched two soap operas. While at the same time in a round about way, figuring out the homework that I under no circumstances yesterday could make work, at all.

The only time I spent outside was peeing the dogs and taking the lame picture above of my homework in a tree. Which is kinda where I wish I had left it.

I was hoping to be doing things like carving pumpkins and washing my dirty Mustang, but neither the weather or the way I feel would have made that feasible anyway. Being at home doing homework is probably not the worst of scenarios under said circumstances. Walking the big dog would probably be a good idea too, otherwise she decides to walk herself, which never ends well.

But this cold. The coughing. Gah. Even mundane things like brushing my teeth are exhausting.

I will be better tomorrow. That is the rules. Made by me, tonight.

I have coffee with the girls from work in the morning bright and early, and then I am heading south to Cumberland so Colleen and I can commiserate together in her fabulous house over our stupid short-code.

And at this point, I have decided that if for some at this point unknown to me reason, we can’t figure this shit out tomorrow…

The world won’t end. We won’t fail the class.

And there are still pumpkins to carve…


And spiders to hang on the wall to scare children…


And there will always be another assignment to do…one that might end better than this one is undoubtedly going to.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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