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Posted on the 11 January 2017 by Shamsud @mysticverse
Image result for silhouette photography I have been craving for the veracity of living, Forfeiting, taking and giving! Yearning for the nameless inside me, Esoteric every soul and inside thee! I long to walk out of my physique; And watch myself in action, The meanings and if there is a lesson!? Change can be changed like the changing climate, One seasonal and other the whole planet! One for a moment and one forever, One like the departed lover and other by death, One like the river you never touch it twice, It’s flowing and is in a race, We are not the river though when it is gentle; We are the wind changing course and rustle; Breaking pigeonhole’s in every walk with the liner clock, We are the whirlpool and the calmness after the storm, Let the Painter decide tomorrow form; Do your soul wear some uniform? What keeps it warm!? For life is still moving on! Amidst flowers and sometime thorn; Sometimes past stays on and present is just gone.

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