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Status Update, in Short

Posted on the 22 November 2015 by Onestory
This will be very brief... I don't actually know what is going on with me. I can't write (I've started about five proper posts then abandoned them), I can't draw, I'm not doing my chores. It has all turned to shit. I have done one thing and one thing only: indulged in my disorder. 100% of my focus has been on body size and shape. My own - which is of course an endless source of disappointment; random strangers at the mall; anorexic you tubers. I've even whipped out the measuring tape and compared my measurements to the Victoria Secret models.
Part of the problem - in fact most of it might be that I am in limbo. I have finished up with my therapist at the clinic I've been going to, and waiting to begin treatment at the new place. I'm in nowhere land with no-one, so my eating disorder and I have buddied up nice and tight.
It is the WORST friend.
Hopefully my brain will kick back into gear soon, and I can resume writing and drawing properly.
Au revoir, until then!

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