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Step by Step Passport Renewal Experience at Ali Mall - Quezon City (Cubao)

Posted on the 17 August 2019 by Michael David Oyco @MDoyco
Many people love to travel outside the country from time to time. Some to unwind and break their routinary lifestyle, others want to experience something different and crazy, while others just do it for fun. How about you? If ever, what would be your reason? Are you prepared enough for the trip? Is your passport updated enough? Some requirements may make or break those anticipated getaways so make sure to double-check everything especially this - Your passport.
Just like our family, every time we renew ours, we still always check the procedures online as we do this with years gap in between (Now it will be 10 years gap FYI). There might be changes and there might be not. But its always better to still check it every time so time will not be wasted especially if most you are working people just like us.
So I decided to share with you guys how we did ours..

Passport PH

Passport PH

As I was always assigned to do the online stuff for the family, I will suggest you start by visiting dfa.gov.ph for a few reminders and guidelines which I did too. I will only tackle the simple things here as many special conditions might apply for different people. And just to reiterate, as some of our friends and even my own brother and uncle experienced back then.. They were not allowed to board their respective flights because their passports lack months of validity and/or were already expired. What a bummer right!? Guys, make sure of these two things:

DFA site

DFA site

1. You can only renew your passport if you have only 8-9 mos. left before it expires.2. Some countries won't allow you to travel if your passport has less than 6 mos. left.[Planning ahead of time is key]
So now we start the process by visiting passport.gov.ph. You need to schedule an appointment as there is no other way to do it but through this. 

Passport PH site

Passport PH site

Upon clicking the "Schedule an appointment" button and a few more clicks after that - reading some important terms and guidelines, you should be able to see a similar screen like this below.

Appointment screen - DFA

Appointment screen

You will be filling out multiple electronic forms so make sure to have your current passport with you. In here also, there are two important factors you need to be attentive to. First is your preferred site of the DFA satellite office where you need to show up. And second is the email you will be using while filling out the e-forms. Make sure it is updated and you can open it anytime (You know the password in short lol). You'll know why in the next step..

email response

Email response

Open the email account you used on filling out the e-forms and there you should see an email message from them. That email should contain a reference no. you need to use when you pay for everything (yes, everything. Once you're paid in here, you don't need to pay anything on-site anymore).

Convenience store - 711

Paid at the nearest convenience store

You actually have a lot of options to choose from on where to pay for them. You can pay on various on-the-counter payment centers or what we call "bayad centers" here at malls, department stores, pawnshops, and convenience stores. I selected the nearest convenience store as it is the nearest payment gateway I am accessible at.

Passport renewal receipt - convenience store

Passport renewal receipt - convenience store

Passport renewal fee: P950Convenience or processing fee: P50TOTAL: P1,000
(I selected a normal process - You can select a faster one so it can be released in less day but of course, on top of that are some additional fees)

Print the attached documents

This is not the actual document - I just printed the email confirmation page too just to be sure

On the same email account from step 2 - You should receive a confirmation email regarding your payment accordingly. That email contains 4 documents attached which you should print and photocopy EACH [even the guidelines/step by step process page with boxes]. I did not produce a copy of that specific page since I thought that it is just solely for reference purposes about the steps on where you are, but I was wrong. You need to submit it as well because they sign over it once you're done on that specific step.
With that. Prepare everything preferably in a single container so its easier to carry. Anyway, aside from the printed documents, the only additional thing you need is your current passport. Nothing else.

Passports of the family

Passports of the family

We selected a DFA satellite office located in a mall with the earliest possible time so we experience a queue just right before going in. Though it was handled pretty well and we were guided until we reach this spot right here which is already the front of the DFA satellite office.

In Front of the DFA satellite office

Outside the DFA satellite office at Ali Mall

All went well as we started on time, the phase was fast, and not much confusion happened since the time slot was limited to a number of persons only. There were 3 stations which will verify your documents, input and record them in the database, and then take your new passport photo. All happened in a span of like 10 to 15 minutes only. It left us having more time for ourselves than expected lol. So great job for the DFA office!
The area where your new passport can be claimed after 20 days (for us since it was the normal processing time as stated) was just located beside where all the processing took place. If you are so busy and can't afford the time to go back, you can have it delivered to your specified address (of course, again, with an additional amount of payment).
Feel free to watch this video I made for the video version of this blog post. Happy to help!

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