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Steps To Help You Take Maximum Care of Your Home

Posted on the 03 September 2021 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
Steps To Help You Take Maximum Care of Your Home

Homeowners take care of their homes in many ways. For example, some people spend hours each week doing garden work, while others only do the bare minimum for maintaining their property. 

No matter how much or little you do, there are some things that you should always do if you want your home to last for years and remain as attractive as possible. Here are some ways you can maintain your house like a pro!

Always Clean After Messes

Cleaning your home after messes can get tricky. A good rule to follow is "do it right away" when something like a spill occurs. The longer you wait after a spill or accident, the harder it becomes to clean up and takes more time out of your day. If possible, try to deep clean your home at least once or twice per month. An excellent way to go about this is by following the steps below:

  • Get rid of clutter and straighten up and put away all items left out on countertops and floors

  • Throw things in laundry baskets that need washing 

  • Dust surfaces and wipe down walls, molding, doors, window sills & cabinets

  • Clean all bathrooms from top to bottom. It means removing toilet lids and scrubbing them clean, along with cleaning out shower/tub drains of hair or other foreign objects that you may have left behind 

  • Wipe down all appliances & furniture. If you have kids, make sure to scrub high chairs and change tables as well! 

  • Sweep/vacuum floors of any dust or debris left over from the day before. If your home has a carpet, then this step will be a little more difficult 

Ensure Your Furnaces and HVAC Systems Are Functional

Ensure that your furnaces are functional. If you have central heating, check to ensure the stove is on before turning up the thermostat. If any part needs replacement, ensure that you replace it with quality parts from Rangehood spare parts

Also, ensure there is no air coming out of any vents, which indicates a problem with either the heating or cooling system. Those who live in warmer climates and do not use their HVAC systems often use a dehumidifier to prevent humidity and mildew. However, do not let humidity get too high. If you have a home humidifier, ensure that you turn it off or set it to low before leaving for an extended period.

Polish Surfaces According to Material

When polishing surfaces, it's essential to know what material they constitute. Polishes will work differently depending on the type of surface that needs cleaning. Finish off your polishing project with a high-quality polish or wax. 

Wax helps protect the surface and makes it easier to clean in the future. It also helps prevent damage from things like water, heat, and sunlight. Don't forget to re-wax surfaces every few months if you live somewhere very humid or hot! Polishes are great for surfaces like stainless steel, but wax is better than polishes on painted finishes.

Replace Old Appliances

If you are in the mood to replace your appliances with new, more modern models, then it's time for some research. The Home Depot has a great tool that allows customers to compare up-to-date information of various brands and models on their site before even investing in any product. 

Replacing appliances is not an easy task, and it can be costly. That's why you should plan everything to make the most out of your investment while avoiding any unpleasant surprises that might leave a dent in your budget. It would help if you continually keep receipts for all purchased items, including spare parts, which are usually small enough, so they do not require a separate receipt.

Touch Up on Old Paint

Old paint often oxidizes over time, resulting in a yellowed appearance that doesn't look very appealing. It's essential to take care of old paint before it becomes too much of an eyesore and you have to repaint the room completely! Remove any furniture or items from the painted wall so you can get close with a scraper and sandpaper. The goal here is to remove as much of the old paint as possible without damaging or removing your current wall color!

After you've removed all the loose pieces, apply a fresh coat of primer on top before finally painting over it with whatever color matches best in that room. It will ensure an even finish that will last for years to come!

Organise All Rooms

Organising all rooms in your home will be much easier if you do it one room at a time. This way, each task won't feel too daunting, and everything stays in the right place.

When it comes to organizing your home, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is doing everything at once. You'll quickly lose motivation and won't have much fun with this activity if you try to take on too many rooms or spaces at once. 

So, what should you do instead? Well, the best thing to do would be to take one room at a time and focus on that space only before moving onto the next one. By doing this, each task won't feel too daunting, and everything will stay in its proper place for longer!

Never Allow Clutter To Build Up

If you cannot put something away, throw it out. Cleaning one room at a time is an option, but most people do not have the patience for that. Organising your home by area or level of usage works best.

If possible, start in each room with items on tables and shelves first, then move to drawers and closets. If you have many things in the kitchen and family room, you will need to break them into zones. You can organize by cabinets or drawers, or even appliances. The important thing is that each zone has its purpose and keeps clutter from building up again over time, making it difficult for anyone to find anything.

Your goal is to make cleaning up at least once a week or two weeks an easy task. You do not want your home turning into one big garbage dump, with the only solution being to hire someone else to take care of it all for you. But, on the other hand, it can be costly if done often, making finding ways to keep clutter down even more important.

Keep Your Garden Clean

Pick up any litter around your house and dispose of it in the bin. Make sure you pick up all the pieces of paper or wrappers that may be lying on the ground or in bushes. Ensure they are not scattered anywhere else before you deposit them in the bin. It is good to use a carrier bag instead of your hands and deposit the rubbish in it before disposing of it off.

If you have pets, ensure that their litter area is clean. Also, make sure they are not spreading the rubbish around if there are leftovers from their food or treats! You may want to consider using pet waste bags when walking them outside if possible. These also help in keeping your compound clean and tidy.

Set Up a Donation Box

If you no longer want your old clothes, someone else will love them! Instead, donate everything that doesn't fit, is worn out (other than if any of the pieces are vintage), or is just something that isn't "you" anymore. It's a great idea to have an open box or basket that you keep in your closet where you can quickly drop things, then check it once a week and take everything out!

If you prefer to have a specific box donated, you can do this as well! Make sure you have a place to set it up and label what is in the box. You'll be surprised how much your space will feel more open after donating those clothes that don't fit anymore from repeated washes.

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