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Straight to Curls Ft. Babyliss Curl Secret

Posted on the 30 January 2015 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
I love the wavy hair look, it's so pretty and it looks effortless even if it's not always the case! I used to spend ages pinning photos of women that I don't know who have gorgeous 'beach hair' to my Pinterest board - 'Hair colours + Styles' and I'd tell myself that I'd one day get around to recreating their look. But the truth was -  I never found the time. Until I discovered 'auto curl technology' from Babyliss Curl Secret. The two words together drew me in - 'auto' and 'curls'. The idea of not having to sit there for ages only to find that my curls looked nothing like the women's hair on my pinterest board felt like such a chore, but with this auto curl technology it took all that effort away from me and that is the type of hair curling I do have time for!
Straight to Curls Ft. Babyliss Curl Secret
My hairdresser first told me about the Babyliss Curl Secret wand after I mentioned that I did nothing special with my hair ever. She said that a few of her clients had borrowed her curling wand and had then even gone out and brought their own. So I knew it was going to bed good, before I'd even opened the box. And I was right, I love it and find it so much easier than traditional curling wands!
How to use Babyliss Curl Secret:
1. Start with clean, dry, combed hair (free of dry shampoo or any styling products).
2. Separate a clean section of hair around 3cm wide. If you have naturally curly or longer length hair like mine, use smaller sections.
3. Always insert the styler into the hair with the open part of the curl chamber facing towards your head. (For longer length hair - use the styler further down the hair section to ensure the hair is drawn into the curl chamber efficiently).
4. Firmly close the handles together to allow the hair to be drawn into the curl chamber.
5. Keep the styler in position and once the hair has been drawn into the curl chamber the styler will start beeping. Continue to hold the handles close until the styler sounds four quick beeps in succession, this is to indicate that your curl is ready! 
6. Release the handles fully and smoothly pull the styler away from the head to reveal the curl. :)
Top tip: I used hair clips to separate the rest of my hair away from the piece I was curling and then I used additional clips to keep all of the curled hair together. This was so much easier than having all my hair free-flowing together. Also - I sprayed my finished curl each time with hairspray so it would hold for longer as my hair drops back to straight quite fast if just left. 
Where to buyBabyliss.co.uk RRP £120.
Straight to Curls Ft. Babyliss Curl Secret
Straight to Curls Ft. Babyliss Curl Secret
Straight to Curls Ft. Babyliss Curl Secret 

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