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Strange Words…

Posted on the 29 June 2012 by Maggyruth @maggyruth

There are some days that I come across a word (generally a very commonly used word), and I will begin to ponder said word. Usually it is a noun, and there is nothing particularly special about the word. It isn’t one you would see on an SAT vocabulary list, and rarely is it more than three syllables. It just so happen that, at a particular moment on a particular day, I come across a word and it feels curious to me.

Generally I will say the word over and over again, usually in my head though sometimes not. If The Boy is home, I will make a comment to him about it, normally receiving a response along the lines of, “Um, okay…” (insert emoticon with eyebrow raise/head tilt/heh?) Sometimes the word just feels peculiar to me at that moment and I need to process it in some way. I wonder about its origins (not the actual etymological roots, more like why does it sound like that and who decided it would mean what it does?) and marvel at the ease in which people just say that particular word.

This morning that word is ‘hug.’

My brain…it is an interesting place to live sometimes.


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