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Street Wear Lip Stick in Shade 136 Review

Posted on the 01 April 2013 by Gayatri @LifeEssence2
By:GayatriStreet Wear Lip Stick in Shade 136 reviewToday I’m going to review my first lipstick. Since I never used a lipstick before, I was a little scared to spend on an expensive one. Moreover I don’t have any idea on shades. So I thought to get an affordable one. No a really cheap one which was my biggest mistake ever. I should have bought one from a blog sale but at that time I wasn’t aware of blog sales which I love so much. So coming to review, I’ll start with telling from where I got it. Yes, the usual online store, Urban Touch from where I used to love shopping. Oh God!!! Why did they close it? Missing it.
Street Wear Lip Stick in Shade 136 reviewClaims: No they don’t claim anything to do.
Price: Just Rs.50.00
I bought it because it was the cheapest of all.Street Wear Lip Stick in Shade 136 reviewMy Experience:
I don’t want to speak about its shelf life, ingredients etc. Ya it said that it was not tested on animals. Yet won’t explain more than this because I’m here to tell that you shouldn’t buy this. Product comes in a regular plastic brown colored lipstick container. Smells normal. When I got this, I was so excited to use. When I first used it, I didn’t feel comfortable with the shade. That day I came to know that lipsticks show one shade in the packaging while show another on the lips or skin. I asked my mother about how it looks on me. She simply told that something is wrong with the shade. First we thought it’s the shade that didn’t suite me. But when I got my second lipstick, then I understood what’s wrong with this. It’s about the quality. A lipstick is of bad quality if it’s coming for cheap. That’s what I understood. You can see the shade in the pic. Moreover if you use such lipsticks for long, it’s going to dark your lips. It can damage your sensitive lips which is far more sensitive than your facial lips.
Street Wear Lip Stick in Shade 136 review
  1. Very cheap/affordable
  2. Easily available online
  3. Not an animal texted product or doesn’t contain animal fat
  4. Travel friendly
  5. Good packaging
  1. Bad quality
  2. Shade is not going to suit you
  3. May be cheap but it isn’t worth that price as well
  4. May damage your skin
  5. Pigmentation may increase
Street Wear Lip Stick in Shade 136 reviewRating: 0.5/5 (0.5 for the price)Have you ever bought this lipstick before? If yes, then let me know your experience. I’ll be happy to share it with all the readers.Hope this review helped you. So don’t forget to comment below. Remember that your valuable comments make my day.

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