Stressbuster Fartleks

Posted on the 12 February 2013 by Khourianya @khourianya
Another arduous morning of testing almost made me miss my run...but with an afternoon of testing ahead - I HAD to get out made it a speedy me day.
When my usual speedwork path proved to be littered with ice swaths (see below) - I hit the residential for some fartleks.

Stressbuster Fartleks

Candidate for awkward shadow of the year....
but each of those stripes o f"Wet" was actually ice.
Not great for speed.

 So I moseyed my modified southwood loop in reverse.  Picking objects to race toward as I went.   I wish I'd had my garmin today to know what my pace on each was...but I was pushing hard... I MUST have been pushing super hard on the speed sections because I would nearly collapse when it was over and end up walk/jogging (You know what I mean - the attempt to jog that awkwardly ends in walking) to recover. That slowed my overall pace.
Stressbuster Fartleks
Stressbuster Fartleks
Stressbuster Fartleks
Stressbuster Fartleks
Oh and a funny thing happened after the run - I checked my Fitbit to see how many steps that had worked out to...and the Smiley guy was sporting a black eye.  I so wish I could have snapped it before the screen changed...and now I can't find a pic online.  I found it hilarious.  Guess I did really push it :P

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