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Stylish Blogger Award

Posted on the 08 June 2012 by Selane @SummerEllenLane
Stylish Blogger Award
It's finally happened! I've been recognized for the calm, cool and confident fashionista that I am.
Okay, so I lied.
I'm not cool, I'm definitely not confident and although I do try to be fashionable, the fact that I am shorter than everyone I know makes it extremely difficult to buy designer jeans. Enter shopping in the children's department.
I was tagged by my NA Sister Jaycee DeLorenzo (hugs!), and this award is short and simple:
When was the last time I got dolled up (or rather, styled up for a night on the town?)? 

Let me be honest. I don't really doll up. I like to wear jeans, shorts and a cute top with my hair done, but dresses? As in...Prom or a date? Puh-leaze! That's not up my alley. But I do have my moments of grandeur, or rather, fashion. Let's see....the last time I got really dressed up was at my High School graduation party. I know, it was a long time ago, but hey! I bought a little prom dress and everything! My mom tried to get me to wear high heels but I wouldn't do it. I kind of wish I would have now. Even if I would have ended up falling on my face like an off-balanced smurf. I tend to go for the so-called "professional" look, with jeans, shoes, and curled hair because I'm a full-time writer and publicist. Throw on a little lip gloss and BAM! Dolled up!
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