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Summer Feels

Posted on the 09 October 2020 by Suzanne Robinson @mummy2twinsblog

The weather is warming up, and if you concentrate there are different smells in the air, and for me, it smells like summer is on its way.

I've had doors and windows open, plus plants have all bloomed making my garden look like it has life in it once again. The past weekend was a long weekend was very hot at my house, but the rest of the week has been met with cooler temperatures. This sudden drop in temperature made me sad.
I was hoping that the warmer temperatures were here to stay, maybe I have to wait a little longer for this to happen.

Summer FeelsThe kids have been lucky to see cicadas come out of their shells this year. Photo by Lillian.

We've been inundated with cicadas this year and listening to them chirp away in the warmth of the evening is very relaxing. Not only are the cicadas singing to find a mate, but many birds are also chirping and singing too.

Summer FeelsCicada out of its shell. Photo by Lillian

I have even been wearing shorts on the odd occasion as well as a t-shirt without a jumper. This occurrence is short-lived due to the changing weather in the mountains, but it is a taste of summer approaching.

With the warm weather last weekend it made me think about summer holidays, Christmas and the balmy weather that is in store for us soon.

The end of this year there is going to be massive changes for all the kids, the twins have their last ever term of primary school and my youngest gets to experience Kindy Transition before he starts Kindergarten next year.

I think I have already taken myself mentally on my summer holiday. It really has been a stressful year and still is. A holiday now would be bliss...what do you think?

And now to think about Christmas for the kids and getting the twins ready for their last term at primary school. It will be over in a blink of an eye and then I will be busy again getting ready for high school and kindy for all kids.

Summer FeelsSummer Feels

However while the busyness awaits for me, I long for the time that I can lie down and feel the warm breeze wash over me and also listen to the cicadas and birds.

Are you happy that the weather is getting warmer? That summer is giving us small hints it's on its way. For a summer lover like me, I get very happy this time of year and excited that the summer holidays within my reach.

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Summer FeelsSummer Feels

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