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Posted on the 06 October 2013 by Kcsaling009 @kcsaling


It’s been an abnormally quiet week, both at work and at home. Work has become really slow thanks to the government shutdown – we’re taking care of our daily business as per norm, but there are no new projects coming in. While we hope it comes to an end soon, it’s actually given us the time we needed to straighten out some of our policies and procedures, to get our feet under us, and to figure out where we can become more efficient.

On the home front, we did make it out and about a bit, but for the most part, we’ve been working on home projects. We’re far enough along with our plans, materials, and budgeting to get going with renovations – or at least the first step. While making over a closet might sound like a baby step, there’s logic behind it, and I’ll fill you in on it once I’m able to show you the completed project.

So for now, let’s keep this short and sweet, because I’ve got some painting to do!


Feeling…like this:



Once you’ve cleaned up, fixed, redesigned or made over one thing, you have to make over ALL the things. I tweaked my blog header and that turned into making over the entire blog {you like?}. I cleaned a few things out of the fridge and that turned into taking everything out of the fridge, cleaning it, and totally reorganizing it. And now, redoing one part of the house makes me want to rip everything apart right now. I’m compulsive.

Planning…on a visit to Reuse Hawaii and the Habitat for Humanity stores very soon. Both collect and resell salvaged home construction materials at a discount price. It’s like a flea market for house parts! How awesome is that? And on top of that, not only are you getting house items at discount prices, often one-of-a-kind things salvaged from big renovations, but you’re giving to charity. Bonus.

Cooking…lots of squash lately. I may live in the land of endless summer, but my biorhythms are still telling me it’s fall, and we should be eating from the harvest. If you’re looking for some inspiration, Scott and I have tried out this creamy sweet potato soup, this spicy vegan chili {except yeah, we use the sour cream}, and this apple French onion soup.  Yum.

Wanting…a breather amidst all this productivity. I’ve got a lot of energy, but I feel like I’m doing a million things at once and I just need a moment to stop and take stock of it all, a chance to regroup before I go charging forward.

Watching…the new season of Person of Interest. Not only is it a smart show, but it takes on a lot of different themes regarding personal identity, managing what your information says about you, and predictive analytics. I do a lot of work in PA, but it doesn’t involve nearly half the computer hacking or action packed interventions that go on in the show. So I get both my nerd fix and my action fix.

Proud of…getting started on our renovations finally. It hasn’t been fun talking about them and planning for them…and then wondering when the heck I’m going to actually be able to do them. And I know I’ve been talking about renovating this house for almost a year now – I have the blog posts in my archive to prove it!

Loving…my husband, for a million reasons. But mainly for, yesterday, being the guy who, when I realized we were out of sour cream and I couldn’t make the recipe I was working on, just got the keys, took my list from me, and went to the store. Granted, it was a particular dish he really adores, but still, that’s just how he is. No fuss, no drama, just quiet determination and getting things done.

What’s on your mind, currently?


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