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Sunlight Fading Away: Pigeon Park Q&A and Contest!

Posted on the 18 November 2016 by Phjoshua @thereviewsarein
Sunlight Fading Away: Pigeon Park Q&A and Contest!

Vancouver-based band Pigeon Park have been around a while (formed in 2008) and they've been working hard. Hard at the music, hard at the relationships and hard at keeping things fresh. They're described as having "impeccable musicianship, high energy live shows and uniquely powerful sound; a seamless blend of classic and modern rock that's constantly evolved over time." They've been out on tour with Aerosmith, Slash, Sam Roberts, Big Wreck, Scott Weiland, The Offspring and Collective Soul. That's quite a list!

They're getting ready to head out on tour supporting Diemonds. Starting in London and working their way through Ontario, and then back home to BC. We're pretty sure they'll be spending each night trying to top the night before.

Click here for dates and tickets!

Sunlight Fading Away: Pigeon Park Q&A and Contest!To celebrate the tour we talked to the boys about their new album Sunlight Fading Away, road life and we have a Q&A to share with you. And... we've got a contest for you!

And... we've got a contest for you!

When they stop here at Toronto's Adelaide Hall, we want you to be there too!

We're happy to be working with Pigeon Park and the Hard Rock Café Toronto to give away a $50 gift certificate, a sweet meet & greet opportunity, plus tickets for two. That sounds like a pretty fun night out to me!

Check out the Q&A, thanks to Nick Weber for answering, and then use the widget to earn up to 7 entries for your chance to win our Pigeon Park prize pack. Oh, and tell your friends!

Please read the directions carefully to make sure that all of your entries are confirmed and count!

Q. Your Facebook page talks about a "fresh start", what differences will fans notice with the latest release?

A. : I think you can hear a change in attitude with "Sunlight Fading Away." The song has a serious and a light hearted vibe to it. It's a little quirkier than what we have put out in the past.

Q. Sunlight Fading Away was released on August 5th, 2016, can you walk us through the writing and recording process?

A. Sunlight was written by our guitarist/vocalist, Logan. It was brought in to rehearsal and from there we all put our individual spin on it. We felt really confident in the track so we decided to make it our next single. The recording process was great. Our producer for the track was Jordan Orebeek. Jordan, is a long time friend of ours who's worked with us in the past so it was a great experience. It was also Spencer's (our new drummer) first project with us so it held a little more meaning than normal.

Q. How has the album been received?

A. It's been great! We've seen some exciting radio attention across Canada and our fan base is really on board with the song as well.

Q. The band is pretty active on social media, and I have to say, you've got some great photos on social. Can you tell us a bit about how the band approaches social media?

A. Well we try and split up the tasks a little bit between the 5 of us. It's a lot more work than people think. I just try and have fun with it as much as I can. We never take ourselves too seriously when it comes to that stuff. I think is evident on our social accounts, haha!

Q. How did you end up touring with Diemonds?

A. We work with an agent from Feldman who books all of our shows and we managed to sync up with Diemonds as they were releasing new music as well! It's good timing! We are all excited to start playing some shows.

Q. The tour kicks off November 30th in London and ends in Victoria on the December 18th. Will you be heading back out at any point to tour the Eastern provinces?

A. We are always looking to play shows and we'd love to get out to more eastern provinces as soon as we can. Everything just has to fall into place!

Q. What are three things you can't live without on the road?

A. Nintendo 64/Super Smash Brothers. Music. Clean underwear.

Q. What are you listening to?

A. Personally, I listen to a lot of hip hop, which is definitely different than our stuff, haha! I listen to a lot of Queens of the Stone Age, Alexisonfire and listening to some older stuff like Zeppelin and Aerosmith!

Q. Last question, tell us something about the band that we couldn't find with a google search.

A. We have really intense Nintendo 64 battles on the road! We go all out and carry it in a briefcase to bring it into the hotel.

Sunlight Fading Away: Pigeon Park Q&A and Contest!

You can find Pigeon Park at these fine internet locations:

Web: PigeonParkMusic
Facebook: PigeonPark
Twitter: PigeonPark
Instagram: PigeonPark
YouTube: PigeonParkBand
Spotify: PigeonPark
Soundcloud: pigeon-park

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