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Swatch: Cutex in Just Natural (Nude Nail Polish)

Posted on the 23 May 2015 by Murasaki @eyeabs30
Ive been MIA in applying nail polish. I think for almost 2 years I did not applied anything nor nail art my nails. 
One time we were looking at Watson and fell inlove with this nude color nail polish of Cutex. the price also went down that made me bought it right away. this nude nail polish will be great in any color of clothes. color is very elegant goes well with anything. Cutex is known in creating good colors of polishes ive seen some but this one took my heart so I bought it and here's the pictures of my swatches
Swatch: Cutex in Just Natural (Nude Nail Polish)Cutex in Just Natural and Caronia colorlessSwatch: Cutex in Just Natural (Nude Nail Polish)applied 2 coats topped with Caronia ColorlessSwatch: Cutex in Just Natural (Nude Nail Polish)perfect opacity just enough not too thin and not too thickSwatch: Cutex in Just Natural (Nude Nail Polish)with flash
pictures are all mine taken using iphone6+
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