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Sweet Freedom

Posted on the 16 April 2013 by Missliabilities
It is April 16th - the happiest time of the year for tax accountants! Scratch that, most of them are probably writhing in bed with a powerful hangover right now praying for relief. I, however, went to my grad school class instead of the after party. Extremely lame and responsible.
And then after class last night? Went to the grocery store with M to stock up on real food. No more Lean Cuisines, Smart Ones, Healthy Choice, instant oatmeal meals- my body is going to go into shock without the constant flow of preservatives running through my body. I didn't have a single drop of alcohol on my first night of freedom.
For those that are concerned about my odd sobriety, don't also fall off your seat when I tell you my plans for my first half day off: I'm going golfing with my coworkers. Yes, golfing. When they offered a $75 three hour golf lesson, I jumped at the opportunity. M was a caddy in high school and got a scholarship to college because of it. I owe the golf profession a chance since they saved me thousands of dollars in undergrad loans that I would have had to help M pay back. God do I hate golf though.
Anyways, will post long update later :).

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