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Taking a Blogcation

Posted on the 16 November 2012 by Jane @Jane_PlanetBaby
Taking a blogcation                                            Source: Uploaded by user via Jane on Pinterest
Hello Lovelies! I've never had such a break between posts in my two years of blogging. Truly.
I've blogged through it, even when my heart was overcome by grief.
I've always supported others' decisions to take some time out from blogging to attend to more pressing matters. "You go, take your time. Do what you need to do. Come back when you're ready. We're not going anywhere" I've reassured so many of you.
And I've meant it. Absolutely.
But somehow, I haven't gifted myself that grace.
Now it's time for me to do that.
Life's harsh realities are asserting themselves at the moment. Lack of money tends to do that, regrettably.
So, whilst I attend to our family's needs on Planet Baby, I need to take a little break from here.
I need to free up my mind and energy so I can focus on the truly important things in my life. As I always say "Life first, blogging second". Time to walk the walk.
I'm not sure how long I'll need but hope you Planetarians are content to await my return. It won't be months but it may be some weeks - I'm not sure.
I was so heartened by your overwhelming show of support for this post so I trust you will understand.
I will miss our interaction here dreadfully. But I have to do this.
So, I'll see you back here in a while. A bient么t! Photobucket

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