Tea & Biscuits

Posted on the 15 January 2013 by Ninabille @ThoughtsImages
Tea & Biscuits
This weeks theme in Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday is "cuppa", so I took a picture of my new favorite tea: White Temple Tea. I've used Kim's new texture 1301 on this picture.
Teas with bergamot flavor has been my favourites until I tasted the White Temple Tea ... the flavours of mango, papaya, strawberry, pine apple and black currant do tickle my taste buds in a wonderful way! 
With the White Temple Tea I can easily settle with a thin short bread cookie - no longer craving for Oreos or Jaffa cookies - the fine, fruity taste of the tea is complete with a plain biscuit (or a few of them!).
I want to share with you this sweet poem about Tea and Bisquits - I wrote just the first and the last verse here. You can find all the verses by clicking the author under the poem.
Off comes the lid of the special tinThe special tin with biscuits inBiscuit time with a hot cup of teaJust the one will do me....... Biscuits I must confess are the food that I loveA gift for my taste buds from Heaven aboveWell I might as well finish with the last Butter CrunchThey're ever so thin and won't spoil my lunch.

- blackangelwings -

What is your favorite tea & biscuit at the moment?Tea & Biscuits

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