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Teaching Children to Process Death and Grief with the Help of Memorial Diamonds

Posted on the 23 September 2019 by Mummyb @mummyb_kw
Most parents simply can’t grasp how they can teach their children more about death and grief. Many, fearing their children will develop a gloomy view of the world, just avoid bringing up the topic. But once faced with the death of a loved one unexpectedly, they are less likely to process it in a healthy way. This is why teaching children what death and grief are, is highly important. And you can use novel and smart ways to tackle this. Remembrance diamonds are a new type of memorial services. They are incredibly beautiful and personable, but they can also serve parents as a great teaching tool. 
Teaching children to process death and grief with the help of memorial diamonds

Use simple words, within their understanding

When bringing up the topic of death, try to use the simplest terms you can find. Also, try to use all the available tools. Today, a growing number of parents chooses to teach their children about sensitive topics like these by showing them what is commonly known as a memorial diamond. If you don’t know what that is, you should know that this is a trend that took the UK by storm. Turning the ashes of your loved ones in stunning pieces of jewelry is a healthy method to seek closure, but also a good way to bring up the topic. If you have such an item, explain your child in basic terms how you got in its possession. If you don’t have one, these people can offer you more information on the topic.

Talk about funerals and rituals

Many parents don’t let their children attend such rituals because they fear children may react negatively to them. But, in fact, allowing them to attend viewings, funerals, and memorials can expand their understanding of the topic. Try to explain to them the context in which these “meetings” happen. If you choose cremation, try to phrase everything in a simple and child-friendly manner. The experts at Heart in Diamond advise to put the matter as it follows “During the cremation, the person’s body is turned into ashes, in a special ceremony. People may be crying, and it is OK for you to cry too. It will help you feel better. Once the body is turned into ashes, we can go and turn it into memorial diamonds, to remember them forever”. This is the simplest way to put it into words. As you can read here, the process of turning ashes into diamonds is not a long one and you and your family will soon have the item in their home. Let your child interact with it and admire it.

Help your child remember the person

Again, you can use the remembrance diamond to help your children remember the loved ones that have passed. This is a healthy way to accept this part of life without letting grief take hold of their existence.
Although teaching children such sensitive matters is no easy job, but getting creative in the process certainly helps. Use all the tools you have, and help them process their emotions easily.
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