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Posted on the 23 July 2012 by Eternalmusing @HanaMuses
Ever notice
That the tears throughout the years
Take on a whole new meaning
A deeper connection of your muddle of thoughts
As you grow older your heart hardens
Crystallizes and crusts over the feelings you don't want resurfaced
Careening over cut cases of crushed and suppressed emotion
It dries and forms more and more layers of shelling against the fragile heart
Sooner or later it forms too many layers the heart cannot handle any more
The heart breaks and burns, rips and suddenly regurgitates
Internal mental pain rushes through, consuming you
Then the first tear falls, a bittersweet drop that rolls hotly down your cheek
You don't care because you like how it feels
The second tear falls and the rest follow
You choke back a sob, a straggled breath
You shut your eyes and let the water flow
As you cry you allow the wall inside of your head to break
The surge of thoughts as strong as the new waves of tears
The heart begins to cry, moistening its shattered shards
The tears become a mending glue
When all is done, you lift your head and take a breath
The pain mitigated, the broken parts sealed back together
You wipe the tears that rivered down your face
Dreading the day your heart dries again

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