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Teen Pressures...drugs,alcohol,sex..

Posted on the 15 October 2012 by Thandi @sassymissy
Teen Pressures...drugs,alcohol,sex..
We Live in a generation where the pressures of the teen years are more intense than ever before! We are exposed to hundreds of things that the generation before us were not. Therefore we are really really battling to push through all the temptations that have risen around us. Technology has just made things worse as teens are easily exposed to thousands of websites that contain porn, sex and other things to tempt & corrupt our minds.
Teen Pressures...drugs,alcohol,sex..The censored sign on websites mean absolutely nothing these days! They are just there for deco. Even 14yr old boys can still acess those porn pages if they want! Thats the truth
Untop of the technology, Media such as Tv, magazines and radio constantly create this idea of a "perfect person"...A skinny bone flawless girl with no ounce of imperfection whatsoever!. Magazines are all packed with perfect glossy people. Many shows on Tv now focus on "imperfections" in face & body , "fixing" a perfect looking person. It is only ideal after seeing all these things that teens feel insecure and their self esteem starts sinking to floor level.
We have pressures at school to perform as best we could. Pressures to fit in, to not be an outsider..not be seen as lame. To prove that we really are "cool" we succumb to the pressing pressures around us.Getting into drugs, alcohol, sex...We don't really want to do these things, we just think at the time, it is the only way out of low esteem and self pity. We think we will be accepted and loved more by our peers if we do it. But is it just an illusion...it doesn't make a thing better in the long run.
These days we can't even trust anyone...Teachers ask for sex in return for good grades and neighbours sell drugs. Shop assistants refer you to the porn section and "Friends" force you to get drunk and leave you there alone...
Teen Pressures...drugs,alcohol,sex..
Some teens end up getting into prostitution or crime just to get the drugs they think fixes everything. Some girls get into Prostitution because they need money...money to feed their baby after the "sweet heart" dad runs off and their parents throw them out without consideration.You see i said it was all an illusion before**
Bottom line is, yes we are pressured alot weather it is by boyfriends, girlfriends, Friends, sisters,brothers, bullies, teachers....But we have to keep a Strong Firm Character that will define us no matter what!
Stay True to yourself!
I think this is a seriously important topic so i plan to blog more on the following topics relating to teen pressures
1.Perfect body2. Sex or no Sex3. Impact of Pornography4.Social outcast & self esteem5Drugs & Alcoho6.Make mama Proud7. Bullying8.Teen mama9.Impact of technology10. Confused Generation
I'm looking forward to writing these posts and i hope you could relate to this one in some way. Please comment to give your opinion on teen pressures
Much loveThandi

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