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Tell Me So I Can Hear You by Drago-Severson and Blum-DeStefano

Posted on the 12 August 2016 by Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

There is a very good book on Feedback written by Drago-Severson and Blum-DeStefano. The title of this beautiful book is Tell Me So I can Hear You. It is a must read for all. This book offers a blueprint for an innovative way of feedback mechanism. Though it is written for education industry but the basic principles work everywhere. It emphasizes the importance of connectivity in the feedback process. Any such mechanism must connect the whole chain so well that it inspires and improves all individuals. In fact, the book is quite well in this regard.

Tell Me So I Can Hear You by Drago-Severson and Blum-DeStefano

The authors of Tell Me So I Can Hear You present a new theory of adult learners. As a matter of fact, it follows the developmental theory by Robert Kegan. As the book suggests there are four main categories of adult learners. The categorization is on the basis of the way these adult learners make meaning. And this philosophy applies on global front irrespective of culture and language. These four kinds of adult learners in the book Tell Me So I Can Hear You are as below:

Self-Transforming Knowers: These learners have an excellent connect all the time. They always challenge and intrigue contradictions and paradoxes. And this attitude of challenging everything that is conflicting or creating doubts only limits to themselves. It stays with them wherever they are. As a matter of fact, it is so deep-rooted that it reflects in their behavior in the organization they work for. Also, it is equally present in their relationships. Such knowers are always eager to get feedback. Rather they are the highest collaboration seekers. This is what they strive on. Rather they crave for it all the time. Finally, it helps them in growth.

Tell Me So I Can Hear You is a superb learning

Socializing Knowers: These learners are a great asset for society. Because they always strive to address society’s expectations and goals. Rather their main concern is to have the approval of important others. That is why they are other-orienting. As a matter of fact, there is a minimal gap between what they think of themselves and what their supervisor, peers, and management think about them.

Instrumental Knowers: These are rule-loving people. They live for rules. Rather they go weird in the absence of rules. Hence if there are no proper rules, norms, and guidelines in the organization, it impacts them badly. They always crave for following the most appropriate way to do any kind of job at hand.

Self-Authoring Knowers: Such learners are self-reflective. They are very creative by nature. As a matter of fact, they attain maturity at quite an early stage of career. While they have matured values and standards, they are quite generative. Such knowers reflect what they are. In need, they introspect their own decisions. And then they form the basis of their next course of actions. They are high self-believers. In every action, they demonstrate their own competence. Finally, they are good in sharing their ideas.

Overall, Tell Me So I Can Hear You is a fantastic book. A book that helps in clarification of all ideas related to Feedback and learning.

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