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Thank You Sneakies

Posted on the 16 December 2015 by Kimeetay @Kimee_Tay
Sneakies – Sneaky people

Right now, I’m not tired enough to go straight to a nap, not motivated enough to do some work so I thought I’d write about something. As you can see in the title – Thank you Sneakies.

I went home 2 weeks ago on the 3rd December 2015 (Thursday) and renewed my passport the next day. On Saturday, WC and I attended a wedding dinner together for the first time. 😊 His primary school’s headmistress’ son was getting married and when he was younger he used to go to their house often to get homework done (naughty WC). So yeah. It was a full course vegetarian dinner and whenever a new dish appears, WC would go “Haa. Mushroom again.” 😂 Anyway attending wedding dinners with WC was fun, I look forward to more of these occasions.

On that Sunday when I got back to campus, a couple of friends and I, in fact my closest girl friends in Uni, decided to have a meal together. Siew Thung was the organiser. Tiffany and Zhi Jia was busy with tons of work so they’re roles were just participants (according to Siew Thung 😐 Haha). I was the in charged of dessert, and Joanne was in charged of the main course. I actually experimented making matcha mille crepe cake when I was back home, which kinda didn’t turn out the best because I did in on the Sunday morning itself and it didn’t have time to cool. So I ended up just buying some Magnum ice creams for them.

The initial plan was to have a steamboat dinner. So I brought my bowl and spoon and chopsticks with me when I went to Siew Thung’s room. I was actually a tad bit late and when I opened the door, I saw no soup boiling nor steamboat ingredients. All I saw was 2 regular Dominoes pizza on the floor. I was confused but I thought maybe they haven’t started. So I sat down and started eating pizza and Joanne asked why I brought bowl and utensils. I told her I thought we were having steamboat. Turns out there was a change in plans and Siew Thung thought it wasn’t a big deal to inform me. 😐 Haha this girl.

So we were eating and catching up, as all 5 of us haven’t gathered on talk for quite a while. I sat between Siew Thung and Joanne. At one point in time, Siew Thung ask me to grab a green plastic bag on her bed. So I took it and when I was about to pass it to her she was like “okay that’s for you”. I opened it and found a pair of ski gloves!

It was then I found out that I don’t react well to surprises. 😶 Haha. I didn’t know how to react. All I know is that I was really touched and grateful for the gift. It was so funny finding out how Siew Thung was getting information from me on whether I’ll be buying gloves or not, how she “secretly texted” Joanne to update her during Statistics class. I hardly ever get surprises and this was probably the first time I got a surprise from friends.


It’s even touch screen friendly (tested it, not really though) and comes with a carabiner-ish thing to hook the 2 gloves together. I thought this was a smart concept, won’t ever lose one glove. Joanne actually bought this a week before the day they gave it me. They had to keep it away from me and prevent me from buying gloves for a week. It was easy for them I guess as we don’t see each other everyday. Haha. It was very thoughtful of them. It’s gonna keep my hands toasty in the Canadian winter weather of 2016 (wore it for 5 seconds in Malaysia and my palms started sweating).

Sincerely, Thank you Sneakies.

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