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Thankful Thursday

Posted on the 04 October 2012 by Gandbblog @GandBblog
When the skies are dark and the waters are rough, always be thankful. 
Thankful Thursday  I wouldn't say my life has been absolutely unbearable or horrible, by any means. If anything I have so many things that are right in my life, I cannot imagine seeing one thing off course. True, life brings about struggles and many of them for me have been internal lately. I feel myself becoming discontent with my life in some areas. I know moving to a new place will bring about new beautiful experiences, but I am afraid that when I get there, I won't feel the joy that I have so been longing for. I know that external factors should not contribute to my happiness or joy, but when you feel yourself getting closer to your goal or the changes are becoming closer and closer, you tend to get a little fearful. I am excited to move to another place and be closer to my work and the community that surrounds it, but I also don't want to get so insecure that I lose sight of the good that is coming. 
I tend to get stand offish, shy, or just flat out silent in new situations. I also don't trust anyone, easily. I hope that this move and the immersing into this community will break my walls down and allow me to let people in. Enough of this though. Let's talk now about all of the good
I am thankful for... My job and all of the challenges it brings.  My new car that I am driving like a boss and filling up half of the time. My little niece for bringing me such joy via Facebook. My wonderful husband who always keeps my motives in check. My Lord & Savior who has filled my life with grace & peace. Coffee. For just being amazing. A place to lay my head and food in my belly.  The flexibility of the staff at our new apartment complex.  Job interview that we are hoping goes well! 
There are several other things, but I won't take all day :). 
What are you thankful for? I would also say Fall!   
Thankful ThursdayThankful ThursdayThankful ThursdayThankful ThursdayThankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

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