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The Aftertaste !

Posted on the 08 April 2014 by Ankuranand
SmokeafterbreakupSince the inception of this feeling I have loved you and half of my life I will do that, but now I’m done of something. I’m done caring, I’m done taking the blame, and I’m done running after you. The only regret I’ve got is playing house under my pillow and letting melancholia curl up beneath my eyelids every time I tasted smoke in the back of my throat at four in the morning thinking about you with someone else, when shiver creeps down my spine.That’s real. Me with dilated pupil whenever you tasted digital and burning somewhere inside me.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------P.s- New series of 100 word story (first time writing in 100 words). I don't smoke or do drugs or recommend it to anyone . I use them in my post just to make it feel more intricate and intriguing.P.S.s- Those who think i write my personal account here.Such Noobs :P. I'm just experimenting with every form of writing. i'm not comfortable in writing personal life . The only two post My First Job and believe-in-memento contains my life here :D

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