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The Cafe by Hyatt Regency (hotel) | All You Need to Know About This Buffet at City of Dreams Manila

Posted on the 15 February 2020 by Michael David Oyco @MDoyco
Have you ever seen a cafe that serves a buffet? Or what about a cafe that is as big a supermarket? Well, if you haven't, we just found one. It is located at a prime area surrounded by some luxury hotels, casinos, and is settling inside an entertainment city here in Manila.

seafood selection at The Cafe

seafood selection

The buffet is named, The Cafe, which can be found at the ground floor south gaming area inside the City of Dreams Manila, Paranaque City. If you like seafoods just like this photo above, we are just getting started. 
Not sure if there is always a queue present but here we are waiting for our turn to go inside.

hungry people waiting outside The Cafe

The hungry people (lol)

Their LED screen outside just made us feel more excited as we see some of their unique food offerings available inside which was mouth-watering. If you look closely at this photo below, Wagyu beef is indicated.. oysters, lobsters, and I bet those wine-lovers are marking this place already.

The Cafe by Hyatt rates

The Cafe rates

After roaming the other areas like visiting their food park-type food court there and inquiring about the VR entertainment, our time came up and was welcomed by the glittering colors inside this luxurious The Cafe buffet.

The Cafe interior

inside The Cafe

I was really looking forward to their food choices to redeem or at least make their rates reasonable. To be honest, it is one of the most expensive buffets I have ever been here in the country so let's see. I don't know if this was intentional but the first section from the entrance was the meat section. It is where all the prime meats can be requested.

meat section

meat section

Of course, fruits and vegetables are in the choices. They even have a section there where they are already peeled and sliced. Now that is customer service for me, plus 1 extra point for them. hehe.

fruit area

fruit area

peeled and sliced fruits

peeled and sliced fruits

I was actually joking to the group that if they have peeled shrimps which are ready to eat, well, that would up their game a notch higher with my expectation VS the price.. And boom, I found this. Haha! The Cafe - 2 points!

peeled shrimps

peeled shrimps baby!

If you have read my previous buffet blog posts which were Four Seasons buffet and hotpot, Vikings luxury buffet and Yakimix (grill all-you-can), you should already have an idea of my favorite area in any buffet which is the photo below, the beverage station! lol! Drinks up!

beverage station

beverage station

They definitely know how to ice their drinks eh? And by the way, you can actually create your own take of any food in here by combining spices and add-ons like these stuff rigt here.

spices and add-ons

spices and add-ons

And yes, DIY salad is not exempted to that. You can do it here as well.

vegetables section

vegetables section

Similar to the other buffets mentioned above, their desserts area is also special as it covers a bigger space compared to the rest of the other food selections. And why not, no one will argue to that as it is everyone's favorite.

dessert section

how to resist them 101

dessert section 2

meringue anyone?

The thing in here that separates them from their other competitors is that most of the items here are made a little bit special just like these cute appetizers.

cute appetizers

Look at that cute panda choclate bun! Can you even eat that? Haha!

They actually have a nice wide range of food selection in here that includes Filipino dishes like this literally deadly food choices.

Filipino dishes

pick your poison ;)

Again, if you have read my previous posts above, I am not a fan of buffets since my stomach cannot take in much in a given period (I get full fast). But this one was different, I actually went back to our table with a double plate. As far as I remember, it is my first time doing that in any buffet. The Cafe 3 points!

my double plate

my double plate

It seems that one of the reasons why people like going here again and again is that they actually serve what people here really want to eat. Not taking anything negative to the others but I guess they really studied well to know what to serve and not just add and add to the options where only a few enjoy. And, should I say they produce premium quality food? I am not sure if that is the right word to use  though. I don't eat stake a lot (I always request for a well done one) but I loved their version here. I even went back to get some more lol.
So, aside from the given rates on the 3rd photo given above, the selective promos I know they give (maybe aside from some discounted vouchers on group buying sites) are special rates for special occasions such as these.

The Cafe Hyatt special rates

special discounted rates

The best way to know more about them is by calling at their direct hotline (indicated below this post). Anyway, here is the video of our previous visit to this place and I hope you enjoy this mini-tour around the establishment.

Address: Ground floor south gaming area inside the City of Dreams Manila
Aseana Boulevard corner Macapagal Avenue Brgy. Tambo, Paranaque CityOperating hours: 6:00AM to 11:00PM daily

Breakfast - 6:00AM to 11:00PM
Lunch - 12:00NN to 3:00PM
Dinner - 5:30PM to 11:00PM

Contact nos.: 8-691-1234 ext 1162Email: [email protected]Web page: https://www.cityofdreamsmanila.com/dine/casual/the-cafe

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