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The Calm and the Storm

Posted on the 03 February 2013 by Rajkiran @rajki_rajkumar
Finally, Kurukshetra 2013 ( K!13 ) has ended. It has been a truly wonderful ride. Planning, coordinating, question research, meetings, splits of laughter at random things ( excuse for relaxation ), proof-reading, goof-ups, the joy of breaking milestones, the pleasure of hearing compliments on the questions, and the satisfaction of successfully hosting 4 events! Riddles of the Sphinx, Sherlock!, Reverse Coding and  SciTech quiz :) It has been exhausting at times, tiring at others, but still very enjoyable.
Yes, the calm after the storm has come.
Somehow, today, the day after K! 13 has ended, I feel like Sindbad. Sindbad went on each adventure, surviving the storms and other dangers, finally returning home safe. At the end of each adventure, Sindbad would swear never to undertake such an adventure again, believing he preferred the calm to the storm. But then, an adventurer's heart is an adventurer's heart. The calm gets boring. Sindbad goes on another adventure.
I like to compare myself to Sindbad. Today, the day that I've waited for all the frenzy to end, has been uneventful. I am quite bored. Gearing up for another adventure? Let us see. From the start of my blog, all my posts have been for something at least, if not nothing. But for the first time, I have written this with no rhyme, nor reason, no point nor purpose, no message no moral; only because I'm bored. Waiting for Techofes! Before that, assessments, here I come! ( the adventure that I deserve, but not the one I need, right now) :-P

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