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The Darkness of Money

Posted on the 18 January 2013 by Blogbee @blogbee_

The material world is pivoted on the money power.  Affluence begets power.  Power begets affluence.  After a certain point of time every type of possession and experience would bring in realization in people that true happiness doesn’t lie in money or power alone.  Again there is another class of people who constantly and perennially suffer in poverty.  Poverty is one of the chronic diseases in the world.  The only medicine for poverty is money.  That is what people target and travel towards it to emerge out of poverty and penury.  However, there are another class of people who enjoyed the mix of fortunes.  They know the taste of luxury and they know the color of poverty.  They get true realization in the isolation of poverty that desires are the true cause for poverty.  Desire less life doesn’t need money.  The life where there is never a need for money doesn’t encounter the bitter realities of life when the money goes scarce.  The following is the a brief description of a human being who get isolated in the pursuit of life without desires.

blog bee poems

The Darkness

There is a world of isolation
Full of anguishes and perils
Surrounded by floating logs which goes away when support is sought
Longevity is big to suffer long
Life is full to breathe dismay and disappointment
The whole world goes to sleep indulging in the days’ happiness
But the world of isolation is awake
Isolated by the indifferences
All routes lead to one destination called darkness
The darkness where the ghosts fear to live
Neither the isolation ceases to exist
Nor the light dawns on the darkness
The lone soul in the isolated world
Hates money that created the world
wishes to deny desires, defy darkness delve in the world of ever happiness
the true path of delight and salvation where the darkness could never enter.

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