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The Demise of RSVPs and Thank You Notes?

Posted on the 27 June 2013 by Arredmon @mamachallenge
To-Do Thursdays: 
Normally, I would be thinking about all the things to go see and do this weekend...However, I'm knee deep in thank you cards from a certain little boy and girl's birthday party (photos forthcoming.) We are so grateful to have such amazing friends and family to celebrate the occasion and not to mention make Santa look bad with all the goodies they got. #soblessed
The Demise of RSVPs and Thank You Notes?

I've been working all week to get them completed within an acceptable timeframe - something both my mother and my grandmother drilled into me since birthday (really.) While I'm not always perfect (far from it), I do my best to remember to do them, make them personal and mail them. I was taught it was the right thing to do and just good manners. And of course it gives me a chance to use my pretty stationery from Minted. #nerdalert 

However, I've noticed with all our technology and social media at our fingertips, the art of thank yous and RSVPs has definitely changed over the years. Dramatically. I remember I used to get an invite in the mail and you were either required to write a letter back you would be attending or picking up the phone. But that is the thing of the past. Now we get on Facebook, use Evite or even my personal favorite, Paperless Postand we use the invitaition as a placeholder in our calendar until the day of and then make a decision last-minute if you are going to go or not. 

This folks, is not an RSVP. 

The Demise of RSVPs and Thank You Notes?

I know I've done it and from recent events I've attended or hosted, I know that's what many of us are doing. It's nothing new, but technology has made us lazy and rude. On the other hand, the hundreds of event invitations on Facebook have made it very easy to fill up our inboxes and feel overwhelmed by things to do and places to be. We just can't respond to everything. And it's just too enticing with the list of things to do to throw up a blanket "Thank you" message and feel like you've done your part. But have you? 

I mean the overcommunication has made us actually quit communicating.  (Now think about that one for a while.) 
So while I'm by no mean Miss Manners or the gal to lead by example, I would love to hear your thoughts on Thank you notes and RSVPs. What's your experience with them nowadays? Do you think we should use them or are they a thing of the past? Should we create a campaign to reinstate them? Start a points system for those that do it correctly and not let others come to your party in the future (joke)? Do you have a service you use that you love for RSVPs?  Are electronic thank yous enought? 
Comments, please!

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