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The Eternal Tree

Posted on the 03 May 2019 by Ire17n @Ire17n
Bury me deep and grow a tree,Bearing fruits, bitter-sweet like me.And when it’s flowers bloom, in it’s lingering fragrance, you’ll remember me, as I’ll be truly free! 
The idea of dying or death is daunting. How, when, where, why it’ll happen, we don’t know but we try to make it our business to know. We prepare for this event as if we can plan it. It does get delayed but when it comes and how it comes, we don’t hold the reins to that bit. 
We grow anxious, be over cautious, take every precaution possible. We never see it as ‘freeing’. So steeped are we in material cocoons and comforts that death, though a very natural and eventual outcomes, gives us sleepless nights. 
Clearly, I am going through a bout of insomnia as I write this! Yet, this piece is a positive one in my opinion. 
I don’t want to be cremated - reduced to ashes. No, this is not out of fear. But I think of cremation as a waste. Of course, fire is purgatory, burning every toxicity, impurity, flaws etc, to be returned to dust. But then it’s just dust. Quiet useless. 
If I were to be buried (against Hindu customs I know but then, do the dead have a religion?), I want to be buried deep within the earth. I want to be sowed with a seed, seed of a fruit bearing tree. So when the tree grows me, nourishing itself from what is left of my physical self, it can live on, beat fruits, smell nice, offer shade. I’d like to think that a squirrel or two would choose this tree as a home. It can sway in the breeze, brave the winds, smell the earth and soak itself when it rains or shines. 
If my better half (literally so!) happened to read this, he is going to throw a fit and sulk for days. This is no eulogy nor is this idea marked in stone. But I’d like to think of it as a possibility. Going back to the earth, dust and all, and rising again in another form.

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