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The Five Senses, and the Mind.

Posted on the 06 December 2011 by Vandanan @vandanan_m
The five senses- to touch, see, hear, smell and taste. From the very beginning, we use our five senses to know the world. Just imagine, what would be our fate if even one of our five senses were lost!
Eyes - They help us to see nature, enjoy it, beauty, and of course, TV and computers.
Ears- How can you listen to your iPod without them? One would never know what 'music' means, without them!
Touch- You can't do anything. You could just stand there, and feel nothing.
Taste- You would 'eat' without you knowing it. Without knowing how butterscotch ice-cream tastes like.
Smell- Seems like you could be OK without it, but, come on, what will it be to have perfume, which you cant smell?
Okay- the five senses are great. Thank You, God!
However-I'm gonna seem a bit pessimistic now- Aren't, in some way, we limited to five senses? The answer is actually, no. This is something most of us just don't realize.
Let me begin with an example. A baby aged a day, smiles in sleep. Why? Does the baby know anything about the world? Then why does it smile?
Spirituality, as opposed to popular belief, does not oppose science, nor does science refute spirituality. From the quantum theory, to the string theory, and so on, science supports spirituality. The fact is, you can use you Mind.  The Mind is so incredible, it can see even parallel universes! Just because your five senses can only feel length, breadth, and height, and maybe, even time, does NOT mean that there are other dimensions.

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