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The Law of Unreasonableness

Posted on the 08 June 2020 by C. Suresh
The most vexing thing about humanity is that they set up ideals, which they expect only other people to live by, while they themselves feel free to live by any code of conduct that suits them. And, thus, when they, say, tell you that it is good to be a reasonable person, all that it means is that it is good for them that you be a reasonable person. I mean, come on, have you ever seen a reasonable person win an argument? Yeah, you think it is just tea-shop discussions or social media chat-fests, so what's the big deal. Is it really? The chap who is willing to admit that he is wrong, when he feels he really is wrong, is that the chap who you listen to with respect? Is that the guy who you are willing to follow unquestioningly? Or is it the guy who wins every argument who gets your vote? The theory is all rather nice. That when you say you are wrong when you are wrong, people will accept that you are right when you stick to your point. That your opinions will be given more respect. The problem, though, is that theory, when it comes to human behavior, fails all too often. Exactly what really happens is this. "He was wrong that last time, maybe he is wrong this time, too." "But he admitted it last time. He is sticking to it this time." "It is not like he admitted to being wrong right away that time. So, perhaps, he has not just got around to realizing he is wrong now." "Arre, forget it! He is always wrong, so why waste time discussing his opinions?" This, in a nutshell, is how it really pans out. And, in time, he cannot even edge a word into the discussion because people have tuned him out. If it were only chat-fests, things would not be as bad. The problem is that chat-fests are not restricted to social media or tea-shops. There are these chat-fests in office - meetings, team projects, what have you. And it really matters whether you are seen as a contributor - for promotions, raises, whatever. And if people have started tuning you out, how do you shine as a contributor? And being reasonable also tells you that you should not say 'I told you so'. So, even when things go wrong because your advice was not taken, you do not feel it is right to go around telling people that YOU were right. And, even if you do manage to bleat about it... "He SAYS he told us this before. Nobody seems to have heard it though." And THAT's that. You are not just wrong but a liar to boot. Being unreasonable, never admitting your wrong, THAT's the path to success, folks! And then when everyone has taken that message to heart, as they indeed seem to have, we all sit around and whine about how the world has veered around to fanaticism! Humanity, I tell you. God must have been feeling particularly capricious on that day, when he created us!

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