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The Loneliness' Breeze

Posted on the 10 September 2014 by Jkalwaye


I closed and sealedThe entrance to my palace;The palace of dreamsWith a padlock'Though it is old and rusted.Once here was so much houriTo dance.Once here was so many musiciansTo singOnce here was so many magicians To performBut somehow and from somewhereThe volcano of solitude Came and swallow my beautiful palaceNow the lonely carpet insideWaits and waits eagerlyFor a foot print of someoneNow the windows wait eagerlyTo get a tender and soft breeze Now the wall waits and waits The echoes of a melodyNow the door hereLaugh and laugh With a pale face, thoughHe knows and knowsIt is a dead place.

                       Photo creditMy friend Iulia Gherghei,a reputed Romanian poet

thank you ilua for suggesting me a good title and reading this at first 

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