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The Me and Mine Family Portrait Project - December 2017

Posted on the 03 January 2018 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
The Me and Mine Family Portrait Project - December 2017
I definitely missed the date with this one.. As usual with my Me and Mine posts, I am supposed to have this post written and published on the last day of each month, but I didn't quite manage it this time around!
December flew by didn't it? Please say it wasn't just me who felt it. Christmas has come and gone and here we are in a new year! My little boy is due back to school tomorrow and so today marks the end of the two week half term. I remember feeling so excited about the fact that he was going to be home with us for a couple of weeks. I was eager for him to have a break and to not have to worry about school. Don't get me wrong - he seems to love it and is doing well, but at four years old, it's making him so tired and the tiredness makes him very grumpy! And I'm pleased to report that over the past two weeks (which have flown), he's been back to the Ethan we know and recognize. Sure, he's not an angel (what kid is?) but gosh it's been good to not have to deal with so much 'tude.
Christmas was magical.. having a two year old and a four year old make it as exciting as it is - their excitement is infectious. I think being that the boys are a bit older now, it would be nice to have more time at home on Christmas Day moving forward. Seeing family at Christmas is incredible, but I know these young years with my littles are short and I want to ensure they get our focus and that they get the chance to really enjoy their new toys. So perhaps a slow Christmas at home next year might be on the cards for us. Either way, Christmas is such a lovely time of year isn't it?!
December was as it is every year - exciting and oh so busy! Adam had such a crazy busy month work-wise which is great. We both teamed up on it and worked on it when we needed to and I fit my work around it. We still managed some amazing moments as a family like going to Santa in his Grotto and going to Disney on Ice in London just before Christmas. We had a snow day too and it was pretty amazing to have so much snow just before Christmas. Snow pictures, like beach pictures are always so lovely, so I wanted to capture our December family photo in the snow. And we did. However the boys, bless them, turned out to be much bigger fans of the snow from the warmth of the house and not so much outside - so they weren't very smiley. They must have their Mummy's blood circulation because I really hate the cold too!
The Me and Mine Family Portrait Project - December 2017Now that we're in January and into a new year, we're so looking forward to the year ahead. In 2017 we made some incredible memories - from just ordinary moments at home, to simple days-out to holidays and achievements. It was a lovely year and I hope that 2018 will be just as nice. It's so exciting to start a fresh new year and get excited over making plans for the months ahead isn't it?!
Happy new year everyone - I hope 2018 is the best it can be for you all! <3
A year of memories.. :)
The Me and Mine Family Portrait Project - December 2017
Thank you for reading.   Alex xo 

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