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The Ordinary Moments [W/ending 15th Feb 2015]

Posted on the 15 February 2015 by Alex_bumptobaby @bumptobaby_blog
I haven't had the camera out much this week if I'm totally honest. I've either forgotten or have just been too 'in' the moment. This week Adam and I had some leave from work, we both only work part time in our regular jobs but we work more than full time hours with the amount of work we do at home for my blog and his business. So it was nice to have a few days off to give us some extra time to catch up on things. 
Today Adam's brother is staying at ours. Adam and his brother are both currently sat downstairs on the sofa drinking Red Bull and playing Monster Hunter on their 3DS's. Josh (Adams brother) goes back to New Zealand on Wednesday to continue traveling and so they are having some brotherly bonding time before he goes, whilst I take care of Ethan for the day (who is currently napping). 
Our week has been as busy as usual, but we've done lots of lovely things too. On Tuesday Adam and I went to London to see the Game of Thrones Exhibition together, whilst Adams brother spent the day looking after Ethan. On Thursday we had swimming and a visit from one of my sisters who I don't see that often. On Friday we went out for a meal with the family as another sort of send off to Adams brother before he leaves. And then yesterday was Valentines Day, I didn't take any photos as I forgot the camera, but Adam and I went for a lovely meal at Prezzo and then to the cinema to see Fifty Shades of Grey, whilst Ethan stayed with his Grandma. So all in all it's been another lovely week. 
Here are some of the photos that I did manage to take during the week..
The Ordinary Moments [W/ending 15th Feb 2015]My two beautiful loves <3
The Ordinary Moments [W/ending 15th Feb 2015]They were playing football together with a soft ball in the living room, it was so funny to watch. 
The Ordinary Moments [W/ending 15th Feb 2015]Ethan loves doing anything active, I think he's going to be the sporty type. 
The Ordinary Moments [W/ending 15th Feb 2015]Adam and I on Tuesday inside the O2 arena in London where we visited the Game of Thrones Exhibition. It was during our trip to London that we decided 100% on what will be baby #2's name. :)
The Ordinary Moments [W/ending 15th Feb 2015]
Some of the costumes from the show.
The Ordinary Moments [W/ending 15th Feb 2015]A white walker!
The Ordinary Moments [W/ending 15th Feb 2015]Love this costume - I so wish I could wear it. 
The Ordinary Moments [W/ending 15th Feb 2015]Me sat on the Iron Throne ;)
The Ordinary Moments [W/ending 15th Feb 2015]After the exhibition we had lunch at Pizza Express as Adam had a 40% off discount voucher. He couldn't resist dessert! ;)
Sorry that there aren't as many photos this week. I hope you all had a lovely week and Valentines Day yourselves. :)
The Ordinary Moments [W/ending 15th Feb 2015]
The Ordinary Moments [W/ending 15th Feb 2015] 

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